Friday, March 30, 2012

Downton Abbey & Lazy Eyes

Happy Friday!!! 

Do you have awesome weekend plans? I obviously am going to be tempted every second to watch Downton Abbey thanks to my sister Kitty! She randomly ordered it and had it sent to me. Seriously?! I am so thankful I have such awesome people in my life, especially my sisters! I was given strict instructions from Kitty to pace myself, which I have never done and am not sure if I have the ability to. I'll probably just end up watching the whole season in a one or two sittings. 

I also discovered I can do this with my eye. Gross, eh? 
Phones should never of had front facing camera installed. 
It's just asking for weird pictures with weird lazy eyes. 

Hope you have a great Friday and do something fun this weekend. 
The Hubs is dating me on a date (no pressure now, since everyone knows!) 
I think we might go see The Hunger Games, I've heard it's pretty decent.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Makeover Mudroom

When we first got the farmhouse, this is the first room we walked into:

There used to be a giant freezer sitting where the green carpeting ends and lots of other random storage stuff. It wasn't insulated, so it was pretty cold and for some reason it had been painted green. Lime-ish green. Not cool. This was the "mudroom" that was not welcome, had no closet and had no where to even hang a coat.

First things first, we look out the green carpet and extra stuff lying around- like the snow shoes hanging up in the corner. Once the room was all cleaned out, the Hubs worked on putting up a closet in the back of the room that would have a shelf on top for bins to organize our outdoor stuff, bar for hanging coats & shelving for shoes and boots.

Next, we set to work on painting the horrible green. It was such a harsh color that just walking through there made my eyes hurt. Especially on a sunny day. I chose two colors that not only complementing each other and were used through the rest of the house, but were also bright and cheerful. I wanted our mudroom to be welcoming when people walked in.

They are kind of hard to see, but it is a soft yellow with a color called: Shaker Beige. We also used the same color in our bedroom and just love how warm it is. To make the yellow pop, we kept the ceiling white, just repainted it, and we put up wainscoting around the yellow walls. The weirdest part about all of this was that the wall that we painted Shaker Beige was the original exterior wall of the farmhouse, so you can still siding. Instead of covering it, we just decided to appreciate the texture and painted it.

For the floor, we decided to do individual 12x12 tiles that were self adhesive. We were a little bit nervous about them coming up over time, so we still glued them down to make sure. When deciding what colors to go with, I wanted something that didn't take away from the wonderful yellow walls but still held dirt. We chose a dark brown pattern which sounds weird, but works really well with the white and yellow combo.

This is the finished product:

We bought 2 coat racks at Ikea for $9 each and they just happened to fit
 the perfect length across that interior wall! It was meant to be!

We got the light fixture at Minards for $25 as it was the last one in stock!
The door still needs to be painted, I have the red paint bought 
and am just waiting for nice weather some Saturday to get it done!

Everything is labeled with a silver permanent marker so that I don't have
 to dig through 4 bins to find the 1 pair of work gloves I need every Saturday.

The view from the kitchen going out the mudroom. Looks a whole heck of a lot better, right? It's warmer, welcoming and feels like I have sunshine in my mudroom year round. 

Also done: 
The Bathroom 
Dining Room & Living Room

Still left to Makeover: the Kitchen & Upstairs

Still to come: 
the Bedroom & the Office Nook 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where Are We Now?

6 years later after 
4 years of dating & 2 years of marriage
1 cat & 1 dog
1 farmhouse & lots of gardening
where are we now?

This is before any work was done inside & out
We're living in Minnesota, around the Minneapolis around. We are still in the old farm house that the Hubs and his family fixed up the summer before we got married. Since we got married, we got a cat and a dog. I am one of those pathetic people that talks to them and refer to myself as "mother" around them. And yes, the Hubs just looks at me like I'm nutso, but I don't care. Aruba and Remington are great pets.

No, I don't favor Remington more 
(okay, maybe a little) 
but he does like having his picture taken!
I am currently working at the college that we met at. I manage a lot of the paperwork for our Admissions office and plan all of our events. I love my job, the people I work with and all of the nitty-gritty details I get to plow through every day. Seriously.

When I'm not working, I'm probably at home with the Hubs working on a project around the house. We are still working on cleaning up the landscaping around the house, the barn and other farm buildings. We are still working on fixing up the good ol' farm house. We have the main level pretty much completed (except the kitchen, I'd like to add some more color like a yellow or red to brighten things up a bit). Next, we are going to move upstairs and begin that project. I'm not sure the timeline yet, but it's the next thing to do inside. I've also recently taken up sewing, like making a dress or scarves. I'm trying to be creative on a budget and use the fun things I find around the house like old picture frames, jars or boxes. It's fun treasure hunting.

The Hubs is currently working for a marketing firm and working on his Law Enforcement certificate (Yay!!!). He should be done sometime next fall which is so exciting. He's also a local firefighter (pretty sweet, eh?) and also has his own projects going on our the house. He is currently restoring an old trailer that will have a nice wide bed and sides to haul stuff (like all of the leaves & branches as we work on landscaping).

What's in the future? The Hubs finishing up school. Me continuing to learn gardening and sewing. Maybe someday a family, but not right now. We'll continuing fixing up the farmhouse and see where God leads us. Right now, it's Minnesota and we love it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Story From the Beginning

The Beginning

We met in the fall of 2006. I played soccer, he played football. All college athletes had to report to the campus early for daily doubles. Since there was no one else on campus, naturally, all of the athletes got to know each other. One night several girls were playing pool and some football guys joined us. That's how we met.

Fast forward a couple of weeks... he and I were hanging out while he worked in the Athletic Center. We would watch movies on his laptop, chat or do homework together. On the weekends groups of soccer gals and football guys would all load up into cars and drive over to his parents' house to use their hot tub and get home cooked food.

Fast forward 2 months into school and he took me on my first real date on October 30. I got dressed up, he picked me up and we went out to eat the wonderful Hullihans. I have no idea what I ate. No idea what we talked about. I really don't remember the date well at all. I do remember coming back to campus and we drove up to his dorm. I stood on the front step while he ran inside to grab something. He came out with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and asked me if I'd be his girlfriend. Full of awkwardness, I'm pretty sure I stuttered out a "yes!".

Through out the two school years, we were pretty inseparable. We had classes together, hung out at his parents on the weekend and did homework together in the library. That first summer he flew out to Oregon to meet the family and they gave me the stamp of approval. This guy was a keeper. He graduated from college a year before me, but he still hung out on the weekends and some week nights. It was obviously a good thing.

The Engagement

Fast forward 3years to October 29, 2009 (almost to the day) and I was informed that we were going out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. I figured it was because he wanted to make our 3 year special since the past anniversaries have been pretty low key. He had told me before that he wanted to go all out and make this one fun. So, we went to dinner, which was very fun but he kept looking at his watch and the door every couple minutes. I just shrugged it off, thinking maybe we had to go somewhere for dessert.

After we were done eating, he said that we needed to swing  by his house first. We got to his house and he  made me come inside. When we got the basement, I was shocked. He had candles lit, the lights down, a fire burning in the fire place and two dozen red roses.  He also had my favorite jazz music playing in the background. I was already getting a little teary eyed when he asked  me to sit by the fire so he could give me some presents. He gave me four presents and had me open them in order. The first three presents were pictures that I had taken on trips that we'd taken together over our 3 years of dating.

Then, he  gave me the fourth one. I had to read it twice. It said, “There’s just  one more question I need to ask you….” At that point, he was on his  knee, putting a ring on my finger and asking me to marry him. It was  then, that I realized what was happening. I was shocked and said yes and starting crying (Go figure!).

Afterwards, we drove up to his sister's house for dessert and to celebrate with everyone our engagement. We hung out  for several hours, playing games, telling the story and just  celebrating. I called my family members, only to find out that my Mum was in a meeting so I would have to wait until like midnight to be able  to tell her the exciting news! Around like 12:15, my Mum finally calls! I went  down to the basement to talk to her when all of a sudden the front door opened and my Mum walked through. He had flown her out just so that she could celebrate this special day with me! It was the  cherry on top of a perfect evening!

The Wedding

The next 8 months were a really fun time as I finished up school, graduated and moved back to Oregon to plan our wedding. It was hard being apart for so long, but definitely gave me a new appreciate and love for him. We were married August 6, 2010. It was a blast and we had so much fun celebrating with family. We didn't stress over being extravagant, didn't worry about the details (my wedding coordinator was amazing!!!) and really just focused on being with each other and celebrating our special day.

Want to know Where Are We Now?

Makeover Dining Room & Living Room

Before the Hubs and I got married, we had the opportunity to begin renovating the old family farmhouse that has been in the family for years and years. The Hubs' great Grama lived in this house and his Grampa lived here a young man. It's definitely the family farmhouse. When we walked through it for the first time, this is what we saw:

The pictures are not very clear because I just snapped a couple on my cellphone and couldn't use the flash. But you get the idea. Notice the brownish green carpet in what is the living room. It was so dirty that after vacuuming, we just decided to chuck it. It took a couple of hours for the dust to settle after moving that rug. Underneath was hard wood floors, but they were only finished a couple of feet on the exterior of the room. Why? Well, in older houses, they only finished the floors on the outside because an area rug (like the green one) would cover everything else. The green carpet had so much dust and dirt in it that had settled into the floor that sweeping did not help.

Also notice in the bottom photo, the fireplace and planter- those were carried out asap. The planter had actually done a little bit of damage to the wood floor so we really knew something needed to be done with the living room floor.

All of the walls needed some help. In the dining room (with the checkered floor) the green wallpaper, which was actually layered on top of a number of different colors. As well as the wood paneled walls in the living room. It looked like cork board type stuff but was smooth. It was odd and needed to go.

It just so happened that the next week after we got the farmhouse, my family came to visit. 2 parents, five sisters and the Hubs' family all went to town on the farmhouse. People cleaned, threw stuff away, scrubbed, swept, and did an incredible job getting the house ready for a face lift.

Once that was done, the Hubs and his family began the demolition project. Each wall was taken down to the studs. That meant the plaster and lath had to come off. That meant that I got to rip apart a wall. It was fantastic!

The men also took out the wall that was in front of the stairs for a couple of reason. First, the stairs are beautiful, especially with the old stained glass window. But they were covered up by the walls and no one could enjoy them from the living room. We also wanted to open up our living room a bit more and taking out the wall was a good way to do that. It was a weight baring wall. For those who don't know what that means: that walls helped hold up our house and the upstairs. In the bottom picture you can see the steel beam that was put up to help hold up the house.

Once we had all of the walls down to their bare bones, the Hubs and his family worked on rewiring and insulating everything. Since our house was built in the late 1800s, we had no insulation except for some piles of acorns that some very kind squirrels left for us.

After insulating everything, rewiring everything with updated electrical work, it was time to begin the dry walling then move onto painting.

In the dining room, we didn't do as much work with insulating and rewiring since we didn't need it as bad. Plus, it the plaster was in a lot better condition so it was pretty easy to paint. The key to successfully being able to have a deep rich red? Killz. It's a base coat that covers and hides whatever is underneath. In our case, we had wallpaper glue that would bleed through or cracks or just the wall that would discolor whatever you painted on top. Killz is a great base coat and I would highly recommend it if you are painting an older wall. We also did three coats of red.

The biggest change that really helped to brighten up the dining room was to paint the brown ceiling boards a white. They were pretty absorbent and took a couple of coats but they really helped to make the deep red walls stand out. We also repainted the ceiling which had been gathering dust and was faded after many years of not being repainted.

Looks a little bit better right? Just wait... I tried to choose colors that would look fit well with the old farmhouse. I wanted something warm and cozy and so I chose an beige color that went well with a deep red. At first, the Hubs was a little bit skeptical with the red because it looked so dark. But we have a really big bay window in the dining room that lets in a lot of light so you hardly even notice!

Here are the after pictures!

Also done: The Bathroom & Mudroom

Still left to Makeover: the Kitchen & Upstairs

Makeover Blogs still to come: 
the Bedroom & the Office Nook 

We also recently redid our dining room table!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bathroom Makeover

Here is the before: 

Notice the face rock tiling mixed with the patterned wallpaper. It's hard to see, but the shower is also another texture and color with a greenish rock tile. There are so many things that needed to change, it was hard to know where to begin. First, the brown wall had to be updated. We didn't want to tear it off as it would require even more work to insulate and sheet rock just that small portion of the wall. We also had to tear off the horrible wallpaper which was so busy and faded that it wasn't even in good enough condition to go with a retro theme.

see that horrible shower tile? ew.

I should also mention, this is our one and only bathroom. Master, guest, you name it. AND it is right off of our kitchen. So, if we leave the door open, you can see our toilet. That being said, we needed it to be cozy, fit in with the rest of the main floor and look clean. All in one swoop.

So, I chose some warm colors. A deep red to cover up the rocks so that it would not be too obviously that the wall is textured. I chose a light color for the rest of the room and then used some accent colors to bring it all in together. I also chose a long enough shower curtain to cover up the horrible shower. We chose not to redo the whole shower until we have the option to expand the bathroom somehow sometime in the future.

Here is the semi-finished project: 

(I had added a curtain next to the toilet so that people cannot 
see you using the facilities as well as a toilet paper holder, but you get the idea)

Also done:  The Dining Room & Living Room

Friday, March 23, 2012

I Made A Dress

I made a dress. I saw a dress on this blog: dee*construction and was inspired. I saw it and made it. 

Here's how it went:

Hurray for sewing and going on on a limb to try something new. I was never going to wear the dress again the way so why not turn it into something exciting?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bring On The Green

I love spring. After such a weird and temperamental winter, I'm embracing this spring with wide open arms. Everything screams springtime to me. The normally boring evergreens who rarely change with each passing season are joining in this springtime chorus as their little green sprouts liven up their branches. Within the mixture of brown trees and winter worn field grass, tiny buds of green are popping out everywhere. Nature has a singularly beautiful way of mixing greens of all shades into an amazing array of color that no person could ever achieve. The greens are so saturated, it seems as though I am looking at an overly edited photograph. But no, that's really just how my backyard looks... beautifully green!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

See Silly Dog Dig

See silly dog find hole. 
See silly dog dig one side of the hole.
See silly dog dig the other side of the hole.
See silly dog check out the bottom of the hole.

Dirt holes were Remington's thing this past weekend. We cleaned up one side of the old turkey barn and had to pull out some of the old poles as we went along. These left holes about a foot deep, which Remington thought were not quite wide enough so he'd dig them out and stick his head all the way to the bottom just to bury his nose in some fresh dirt.

See silly dog and his nasty dirt tongue.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kiddos, Sunshine, Dirt

I got some serious play time with my niece and nephew. 
Tractors, bubbles, orange julius and lots of laughing.

I soaked up as much sun as possible and read outside
for at least four hours on Sunday afternoon

The Hubs and I had a mini date night with pizza and a movie rental

On Friday, the Hubs accepted a job that will keep him busy
until he starts school at Metro State in the fall. Hallelujah, God always provides!

I went shopping at GAP with some girlfriends and stayed really close to my budget.
And by really close I mean within $15.

I planted my seeds in hopes of having baby plants ready when it's warm enough to plant them

We cleaned up part of the old turkey barn. There used to be a building on the left hand side that matched the right hand side. Now it's half a building and great for storing trailers and the likes. No more trees growing up and around fences and gates. No more trees sprouting through the collapsing roof tops. 

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