Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where Are We Now?

6 years later after 
4 years of dating & 2 years of marriage
1 cat & 1 dog
1 farmhouse & lots of gardening
where are we now?

This is before any work was done inside & out
We're living in Minnesota, around the Minneapolis around. We are still in the old farm house that the Hubs and his family fixed up the summer before we got married. Since we got married, we got a cat and a dog. I am one of those pathetic people that talks to them and refer to myself as "mother" around them. And yes, the Hubs just looks at me like I'm nutso, but I don't care. Aruba and Remington are great pets.

No, I don't favor Remington more 
(okay, maybe a little) 
but he does like having his picture taken!
I am currently working at the college that we met at. I manage a lot of the paperwork for our Admissions office and plan all of our events. I love my job, the people I work with and all of the nitty-gritty details I get to plow through every day. Seriously.

When I'm not working, I'm probably at home with the Hubs working on a project around the house. We are still working on cleaning up the landscaping around the house, the barn and other farm buildings. We are still working on fixing up the good ol' farm house. We have the main level pretty much completed (except the kitchen, I'd like to add some more color like a yellow or red to brighten things up a bit). Next, we are going to move upstairs and begin that project. I'm not sure the timeline yet, but it's the next thing to do inside. I've also recently taken up sewing, like making a dress or scarves. I'm trying to be creative on a budget and use the fun things I find around the house like old picture frames, jars or boxes. It's fun treasure hunting.

The Hubs is currently working for a marketing firm and working on his Law Enforcement certificate (Yay!!!). He should be done sometime next fall which is so exciting. He's also a local firefighter (pretty sweet, eh?) and also has his own projects going on our the house. He is currently restoring an old trailer that will have a nice wide bed and sides to haul stuff (like all of the leaves & branches as we work on landscaping).

What's in the future? The Hubs finishing up school. Me continuing to learn gardening and sewing. Maybe someday a family, but not right now. We'll continuing fixing up the farmhouse and see where God leads us. Right now, it's Minnesota and we love it!

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