Saturday, November 10, 2012

[ God is in Elections ]

I voted for the first time!!!

I had the honor of voting this past week in my very first American election. I watched debates, read articles and and researched the different issues at hand. For the first time in my life, I dove into the world of elections and was educated on a whole new system. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how electoral votes works versus the popular vote. I learned how important one single vote can be, especially locally. But, the most important thing that I learned throughout this entire process is that despite different opinions, different outcomes, how great our God is.

As the outcome of the election came out, I was stunned by the sheer number of status updates and tweets that talked about pending doom and destruction. They bashed the newly re-elected President. Their words were harsh and many were unkind. I admit that I was surprised by the election and the man that I voted for, did not win. However, my response was one that was very different from others. I would like to think that a different outcome in the election would have probably brought about a very different look in our country in the coming years. I can't say which one would have been better as there is a possibility that neither would have been better.

Regardless of whatever outcome happened: I serve an Almighty God. A God that is a whole heck of a lot bigger than American politics. A whole lot bigger than a Democratic or Republican party. That's not to say that I don't care. That's not to say that just because Obama won, I will stop caring about what's happening. My God can work through Obama. Sounds crazy right? Doubt that? Read the book of Judges. Sampson killed a thousand with a donkey jawbone and the spirit of the Lord was upon him. He was also a womanizer and prone to anger. another guy, Gideon, came from a family who worshiped an idol god. He defeated an army of 135, thousands of men with only 300 men. That's not a very good ratio: for every man in Gideon's army had 450 men to return the fight. Yet, they still won. Gideon doubted God the entire time and   eventually ended up going back to worshiping his idol god. There are other judges who have just as crazy stories... one killed his own first born child as an offering to God for winning a battle. Another killed someone just by being very tricky. They were some crazy men (and one woman), but God chose to use them to demonstrate his love and justice for Israel. That may be an old example, but God doesn't change. He can use whoever he chooses, which means he may just work through Obama.

So, my response to this years election? I'm going to pray for Obama and his leadership. I am going to pray that God's will will be done regardless who is the President, govenor or has control of the house. God's will is not my will. God's will is not the Republican party's will. God's will is mighty and powerful and makes me look forward the future and just what is to come.

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.
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