Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[ Surf a Pup ]

We had a fabulous weekend. Fab.U.Lous. We went on another family camping trip to a small bible camp only 2 hours way. Despite the bugs being horrible and the heat, those didn't even seem to matter when we were swimming the perfect temperature lake, jumping on the water trampoline, eating incredible food that came only in vast quantities, or just sitting around enjoying each others' company.

The Hubs and I have been using his parents' pop-up trailer since they've upgraded a bit to a 5-wheel. For someone who only knew the world of camping in a non-waterproof tent, a pop-up trailer is the 5 star world of camping to me. No bugs. No rain. A plug in for a fan. Drawers to organize things like plates & cutlery. I love it! It's a little home away from home! And the best part is that the dog can come with us, stay in his own little kennel and is the easiest to have along.

This summer, we've discovered Remington is no longer afraid of water and actually really enjoys swimming, chasing after rocks and swimming out to check on others swimming in the water. The last time we camped at this little camp, he jumped into the water as soon as he could. This time, I'm pretty sure he remembered the lake because as soon as we started walking in the direction of the lake, he could not run fast enough! He added another trick to his little bag of tricks...

Yup, my pup is growing up! He learned how to manage a surf board with Jay! He absolutely loves the water!

It was a great weekend, spent with family and friends... how was yours?
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