Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Story From the Beginning

The Beginning

We met in the fall of 2006. I played soccer, he played football. All college athletes had to report to the campus early for daily doubles. Since there was no one else on campus, naturally, all of the athletes got to know each other. One night several girls were playing pool and some football guys joined us. That's how we met.

Fast forward a couple of weeks... he and I were hanging out while he worked in the Athletic Center. We would watch movies on his laptop, chat or do homework together. On the weekends groups of soccer gals and football guys would all load up into cars and drive over to his parents' house to use their hot tub and get home cooked food.

Fast forward 2 months into school and he took me on my first real date on October 30. I got dressed up, he picked me up and we went out to eat the wonderful Hullihans. I have no idea what I ate. No idea what we talked about. I really don't remember the date well at all. I do remember coming back to campus and we drove up to his dorm. I stood on the front step while he ran inside to grab something. He came out with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and asked me if I'd be his girlfriend. Full of awkwardness, I'm pretty sure I stuttered out a "yes!".

Through out the two school years, we were pretty inseparable. We had classes together, hung out at his parents on the weekend and did homework together in the library. That first summer he flew out to Oregon to meet the family and they gave me the stamp of approval. This guy was a keeper. He graduated from college a year before me, but he still hung out on the weekends and some week nights. It was obviously a good thing.

The Engagement

Fast forward 3years to October 29, 2009 (almost to the day) and I was informed that we were going out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. I figured it was because he wanted to make our 3 year special since the past anniversaries have been pretty low key. He had told me before that he wanted to go all out and make this one fun. So, we went to dinner, which was very fun but he kept looking at his watch and the door every couple minutes. I just shrugged it off, thinking maybe we had to go somewhere for dessert.

After we were done eating, he said that we needed to swing  by his house first. We got to his house and he  made me come inside. When we got the basement, I was shocked. He had candles lit, the lights down, a fire burning in the fire place and two dozen red roses.  He also had my favorite jazz music playing in the background. I was already getting a little teary eyed when he asked  me to sit by the fire so he could give me some presents. He gave me four presents and had me open them in order. The first three presents were pictures that I had taken on trips that we'd taken together over our 3 years of dating.

Then, he  gave me the fourth one. I had to read it twice. It said, “There’s just  one more question I need to ask you….” At that point, he was on his  knee, putting a ring on my finger and asking me to marry him. It was  then, that I realized what was happening. I was shocked and said yes and starting crying (Go figure!).

Afterwards, we drove up to his sister's house for dessert and to celebrate with everyone our engagement. We hung out  for several hours, playing games, telling the story and just  celebrating. I called my family members, only to find out that my Mum was in a meeting so I would have to wait until like midnight to be able  to tell her the exciting news! Around like 12:15, my Mum finally calls! I went  down to the basement to talk to her when all of a sudden the front door opened and my Mum walked through. He had flown her out just so that she could celebrate this special day with me! It was the  cherry on top of a perfect evening!

The Wedding

The next 8 months were a really fun time as I finished up school, graduated and moved back to Oregon to plan our wedding. It was hard being apart for so long, but definitely gave me a new appreciate and love for him. We were married August 6, 2010. It was a blast and we had so much fun celebrating with family. We didn't stress over being extravagant, didn't worry about the details (my wedding coordinator was amazing!!!) and really just focused on being with each other and celebrating our special day.

Want to know Where Are We Now?
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