Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Being & Pinning

Life has been crazy. Maybe it is just a stage of life, maybe it is just a season, but I feel like most of the time I am non-stop-go-go-go. Being involved in things are good. Fixing up our house is good. Spending time with friends and family is good. What isn't good is when I get so caught up in doing, that I forget to focus on "being."

Allow me to explain. I want to be an great wife. Beyond doing the laundry and washing dishes and cleaning the house, I want to be a better woman for my husband. I want to be the best that I can be to support him however I need to. I want be a great friend. Someone who cares, speaks truth and loves unconditionally. I want to 'be' and focus on the now, building relationships, allowing people to build into mine. I want to 'be' in the now and not focused on the tasks ahead, the things to get done.

I'm still figuring out how this works into my life. Purposely setting aside time for people? Purposely pursing people? I'm not sure. It is more of a day by day thing, making choices as I go throughout my day.


Along with being busy, I have a whole load of stuff I want to make - DIY! Since busyness seems to be the common demoninator every day, who knows when. But a girl can dream! So, thanks to the best website in the world: PINTEREST! I have so many ideas!

Someday I'll do some of these... 
Happy Wednesday! The week is already half over!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Englightening Your Monday

Feeling a bit lethargic from all of the weekend activities. A bit groggy, I'm on my second cup of joe and nothing especially exciting, inspiration or even interesting is coming to mind. So, instead of something in my own words, I have a couple of favorite quotes to share today.

Those are my insightful thoughts for today as you begin your Monday. 

All inspiration came from:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Deep Fat Fried Fair

Establishing traditions is something that the Hubs and I try to do. We try to think about the fun little things like how we are going to spend Christmas morning together and what to have for breakfast before we open our presents. Another fun little thing is the Minnesota State Fair. There is nothing small about the State Fair. Millions attend. Food is served, except normally you won't find it on a plate, bowl or cup. Minnesota State Fair food is served on a stick. Oh, and it's deep fried most of the time. No joke!

Generally, we do not partake in the deep fat fried-ness, however, seeing what they have new this year is always fun... Usually you can find pickles, steak, twinkies, cookie dough and pretty much anything else you can jab with a thin stick.  We do have our usual foods that we get including milkshakes from the Dairy Barn, Sweet Martha's Cookies and a Wild Rice burger. With food in hand, we generally head over to check out a horse show or two and then onto check out the baby animals.

Persheron Draft Horse Junior Class... I swear one of the drivers was only 9 years old. She looked so little, but she handled her two horse team with pride and absolutely authority. She even placed! But I can't remember the color order, so I'm not sure where she placed.

We also went over to see the other animals. Pigs, sheep and cows are my favorite. So cute. So adorable. I love them all. This pig was not feeling the crowds today. He barely even opened his eyes when I bent down to snap a photo.

This wee, tiny calf is three hours old. Only three. We missed him being born by only a couple hours. I'm a little bummed. I've never seen a calf being born. Goats and pigs, I've seen it and it's no big deal. Calves? Well, I hear they stick their arm up the butt and stuff. It just sounds weird. Maybe next year we'll catch that event.

Lastly, we checked out the tractors. The refurbished ones, the new ones, the old ones, the motors. We saw 'em all! There is even a John Deer motor that they have rigged up to make homemade ice cream. We've never tried any, but the idea is awesome!

So another year of establishing our traditions as we wrapped up the Minnesota State Fair yet again. We got the food, saw our animals and saw our tractors. Success.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shorted Haired Self

So far, it has been a beautiful weekend. Mid-70's, sometimes a light breeze. It's the perfect weather for laying in a hammock, maybe bringing the e-reader but probably just taking a nap. Unfortunately, our weekend has so far been filled of writing papers, responding to discussion posts and editing papers. School has begun people and it's already kicking my behind.

When I was doing my undergrad, life was different. I hate to say this and sound old, but the times were so much simpler. My food was prepared for me for all three years. I showed up to class and did an hour or so of homework every couple days. I showed up to soccer practice and maybe took a nap in the afternoon. Seriously, life was so different. It's easy to look back and say, I wish I could have done things differently. If only I knew what I know now. Most of life works this way. I found myself saying this today.

Is looking back and wanting to change things okay? Partly, at least I hope so. I think as long as I am content with where I am at in life now and look back to learn things about myself. Then yes. It's okay. I think looking back at the past and wanting to re-do things like relationships, classes and situations simply because you want a different outcome. Different story and not okay. So, today I'm looking forwards but remembering things I learning throughout college.

  • Don't cut your hair that short again. Ever.
  • Bite your tongue more.
  • Stay up late more often, meaning at least past 10pm.
  • Study more. 
  • Invest more time in relationships. 

Just little things. Things I want to try to apply to my life and already am trying. I'm sure in 5 years I'll look back and see more things to improve. I should hope I do. I think it's a process of always making yourself the best you can be. Here's to being the best Kylie I can!

Never again.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bats & the Bees

The alarm went off. Some song mixed with the buzz as the phone rattled across our dresser. 5:25am and time to get up. The Hubs and I dragged ourselves out of bed and into the kitchen. With his healthy whole grain box of frosted flakes in front of him, he dug into his cereal as I made our choice of drink that makes the world go-round at 5:30 in the morning. Coffee. But not just any coffee: caramel lattes.

Remington watched sleepily from his bed in the corner. I'm pretty sure he feels the same way I do about mornings. Extreme dislike. Aruba, on the other hand, is a bundle of pure kitty-cat joy in the morning. She does laps up-the-bed, down-the-bed, across-the-living-and-back-again. She is a morning kitty through and through.

With coffee in hand, teeth brushed and lunch made, the Hubs set out for work. I turned to the few dishes lying in the sink calling my name. Only seconds later did the door fly open, the Hubs burst through. Both Remington and I were startled as he slammed the door shut, an odd look across his face.

"A bat just ran into me. My neck. It flew at me."

Um, say what? A bat, flew into you? That's a weird thought to have at 6am. Even a weirder experience since bats usually fly at dusk, in the evening, as they munch on bugs. Bats also usually fly up higher and avoid hitting anything UNLESS they are sick. Back to the bat comment.

"A bat flew into you?" I asked.

"Yes. It hit me." He said.

I looked out the window, no bat in sight. I did see a swarm of bees though. Yes, bees. You did read that correctly. We have a motion light in our backyard that had been triggered when the Hubs had attempted to leave for work. A dozen or so bees were swarming around the lights. I hate bees. I am terrified of bees. The Hubs feels close to the same about bats, except with more hatred while I feel terror. Both are especially alarming when either come flying at your face, hurtling towards your person, ready to inflict pain or harm. Disgusting.

We stood in our mudroom for a second. We looked at each other. We looked at Remington. He cocked his head to the side, confused why on earth we would not be going outside since we were standing in the mudroom. Logical, right? Regardless, there we stood.

The sun was just beginning to lighten up the sky, work was calling and the Hubs was already going to be a bit late. Grabbing a flashlight, we both headed out together. We made it past the bees swarming above our door. Their buzzing making my pulse race. We made it to the end of our sidewalk before we were dive bombed AGAIN by the disgusting rat on wings. The bat dove at us for the second time and sent us both running back inside, past the swarm of bees again.

Once again we found ourselves standing in the mudroom, looking at Remington and each other. Thoroughly disgusted and both completely freaked out by the wild animals taking over our backyard, we knew it had come time for drastic measures. I grabbed his lunchbox. He grabbed his keys and delicious caramel latte I had made for him just fifteen minutes before, not knowing the drama that was about to unfold. Then, we ran. We made it to the car, no bat. Safe and sound.

What a way to start a morning...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Button Pins

I was feeling exceptionally crafty today. Especially domesticated. Fun things always happen when this feeling descends upon our home. I cook things, like amazing soups & new recipes with weird ingredients like quinoa & cucumbers. I bake things, like praline pudding cake topped with ice cream (so good!). I clean things and throw away lots of stuff. Sometimes, I sew things, which doesn't happen very often since I don't have a sewing machine. It's going on my birthday and Christmas list. Today, I sewed and glued things.

My latest craftiness:

Buttons & bobby pins! Add a little thread and some glue and you have a DIY hairpiece. 

Make sure you buttons are nice clean 
(you are going to be putting them in your hair after all)

Sew the button onto the bobby pin, to help secure it.

Add a little glue to the back of the button and you have it! A Button-Pin!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hubs & Snickerdoodles

 I have an incredible husband. In high school, I read a quote listing all of the things that a woman should want in a man. All of the things women should demand for in a man. I saved that quote for many years in my Draft box on my email, just in case I ever needed it. The quote included things like: "don't let him break your heart. never settle for anything less that perfect." You know, the sappy high school crap.... Anyhow, I had the quote for a long time and finally deleted my email draft before I went off to college.

Guess who I met just a couple of months later? You guessed it, the Hubs. Only then, he was the Boy (aka boyfriend). I'm not going to lie, everything has not always been pink and rosie with snickerdoodles on top. Dating was challenging and good. Lots of good "discussions" happened. Now that we are married, lots more "discussions" happen.

My point? Life is not all made up of snickerdoodles and fluffy puppies. Sometimes, it's hard. As I think about that stupid quote, despite how hard life can sometimes be. Despite how sour the lemons can be that life can toss our way, my Hubs rocks. I found a man that buys me flowers "just because" (don't gasp or gafaw, yes, there are still men that do that). I found a man that cooks dinner because he knows I didn't sleep well the night before and I'm tired. I found a man that makes the bed, picks up his dirty clothes and puts his dishes in the sink. Just because he loves me.

Here's just how awesome my husband is. He completes me.

I hope everyone finds someone who is 
the Cheese to their Macaroni.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday!

 Happy Friday!

Friday. It's Friday. Can I get a what, what? No big plans for this weekend, EXCEPT! we are moving a couple steps closer to getting out mudroom done. It's been over a year and other outside projects have been higher on the importance list, so the mudroom has been always pushed down towards the bottom. HOWEVER, we are priming the walls tonight, spraying the ceiling tomorrow and MAYBE PAINTING SOON! I cannot wait for my cute little yellow mudroom to be complete!


Yesterday, as I drove to work, I was blown away by a beautiful sunrise painted across the clouds. There is something magical about watching a capturing sunrise and listening to inspiring music. It is uplifting and fills my heart with happiness. My choice yesterday: Still by Hillsong.


I know this is a quick little post, but I hope your weekend rocks. I hope you get lots done. I hope you get a chance to put your feet up, enjoy a tall glass of your favorite drink (mine is currently chocolate milk with extra chocolate sauce) and soak up the weekend.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Winding Down Summer

Can you believe it is already August? It is already closer to the fall and the ending of summer than spring? Where did June and July go? Time has completely flown by! At the beginning of summer, it is always fun to make to-do lists of all of the activities and places you want to see and visit. We had plans to go to camping more weekends than we did. To get more yardwork done than we did. To get more house-fixin'-up than we did. However, looking back, this summer was fantastic. I don't know how we could have crammed more things in.

This past weekend, did get to check one thing off of our list of summer activities: camping. Real camping. You know, with a tent, campfire and soaked clothes from a midnight rainstorm. The whole fam went and made a weekend affair out of the deal. It was simply fabulous.

I learned a number of things. Like, our tent doesn't leak too bad, we just set a couple of pots out to catch a couple corners. It was raining cats and dogs... I learned that I like S'More Pizzas (two pieces of bread + chocolate + marshmellows). I learned that I am going to be an aunt twice this winter (YEAH!!!!). It was a fantastic weekend of relaxing, going for a wonderful walk and enjoying the lack of mosquitoes. That's right, no skeeters.

This pics are from the walk we took one beautiful evening along the river. A remodeled railway bridge, the beautiful lazy river and a lonely tire swing.


We came home from the weekend away to be greeted by who? The cutest puppy in the whole wide world. Remy was ecstatic and has been on his best behavior ever since. He will even just roam outside alone. ALONE. We just check on him once in a while, but he usually stays in the backyard and sniffs for bunnies and butterflies. It's fabulous. Occasionally, he'll wander next door over the grand-puppy-parents, since the Hubs' dad is his absolutely favorite person to see. Plus, he usually gets a treat from his grand-puppy-mother.

Monday, August 8, 2011

1 year.

The Hubs and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary this past weekend. 1 whole year. A year of hard times, good times, happy times, sad times... Neither of us can believe it's been a year. Honestly, where did the year go? How did we fit in an entire fall, winter, spring and summer and come full circle to a year?

Saturday, our official anniversary day, I had the gift of waking up late, avoiding puppy duty and a warm cinnamon donut with my favorite iced white chocolate mocha to wake me up. It was fabulous. Feeling refreshed, we had a low key morning playing with Remington in the yard and dinking around the house. We headed out for some shopping in the afternoon, followed by wonderful massages. Wonderful. Swedish massage? Yes, please! We grabbed our favorite dinner (Punch Pizza and Chipotle, which happen to be next door to each other!) and ate in our beautiful backyard overlooking the pasture. To end the day, we went to a music festival and heard MercyMe, who are great in concert! And that's coming from a non-going-concert-person.

It was a great day and enjoying each others company and the past year of ups and downs. Neither of us would trade it for anything. It was hecka hard. Don't get me wrong. Hecka hard, but I learned so much about how to support a husband. I learned so much about how strong I am as a partner. I would have never known if this past year would not have happened. I'm sure the Hubs could say something along the same line, but I won't speak for him. We'll just assume instead! Only kidding.


I also had the opportunity to do some baking this weekend. How does this sound: Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream frosting, topping with powdered sugar and chocolate bits? Um, heavenly? Delicious? Divine? Pick your word. They were incredible.

Recipe:Betty Crocker box of Gluten Free Chocolate Cake
Homemade Butter Cream Frosting (crisco, butter, cocoa, powdered sugar & milk)

Insanely easy, but so good!

Just in case you've missed seeing his adorable face, here is our handsome-almost-grown-up puppy!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have been doing more practicing being a housewife lately. I am not sure what has gotten into me, but I am feel very domesticate and the need to decorate, create or cook. Pinterest has been a huge ispiration to me. What is Pinterest, you ask? Well... only the most wonderful website of organization, decoration, cooking, styles, and everything else you could image all in one place!

I made these dry erase boards from an idea I saw on Pinterest. I used a black picture frame, scrap booking paper and dry erase marker. It brightens up one of the walls in my office and found a good use for my scrap booking supplies that had not been opened before this idea.

I have about a million more ideas and things I want to do to our little farmhouse, both inside and out. However, my wonderful mother did remind me that things cost money. So, I will settle for a few DIY (do-it-yourself) projects and use up things I have just hanging out looking for a permanent home in our farmhouse.

The other rampage I have been on is RECIPES. I want to cook everything. Freeze everything. Then never make another meal in my entire life. Well, at least for another month or so. I've made a couple of new things, tried out the crock pot, but haven't done a big 'freezing of the foods'. I think it'll be the next item on my domestication. My ideas so far:
  • Cream Cheese Potato Soup
  • 100 Veggie Soup (a curry version and a Italian version - recipe coming soon!!!)
  • Mexican Pizza
  • Snickerdoodle muffins   
  • Homemade Egg McMuffins (did you know the McDonald's version has 55 ingredients?!)
  • Holland Chili
  • Boda Spaghetti Sauce
None of these recipes I've tried (except the 100 Veggie Soup), so it'll be interesting... any other ideas? Good freezer ideas? Easy meals? Remember, gluten free!

Just to wrap up your day and brighten your afternoon, here is my favorite quote from today:

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