Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Winding Down Summer

Can you believe it is already August? It is already closer to the fall and the ending of summer than spring? Where did June and July go? Time has completely flown by! At the beginning of summer, it is always fun to make to-do lists of all of the activities and places you want to see and visit. We had plans to go to camping more weekends than we did. To get more yardwork done than we did. To get more house-fixin'-up than we did. However, looking back, this summer was fantastic. I don't know how we could have crammed more things in.

This past weekend, did get to check one thing off of our list of summer activities: camping. Real camping. You know, with a tent, campfire and soaked clothes from a midnight rainstorm. The whole fam went and made a weekend affair out of the deal. It was simply fabulous.

I learned a number of things. Like, our tent doesn't leak too bad, we just set a couple of pots out to catch a couple corners. It was raining cats and dogs... I learned that I like S'More Pizzas (two pieces of bread + chocolate + marshmellows). I learned that I am going to be an aunt twice this winter (YEAH!!!!). It was a fantastic weekend of relaxing, going for a wonderful walk and enjoying the lack of mosquitoes. That's right, no skeeters.

This pics are from the walk we took one beautiful evening along the river. A remodeled railway bridge, the beautiful lazy river and a lonely tire swing.


We came home from the weekend away to be greeted by who? The cutest puppy in the whole wide world. Remy was ecstatic and has been on his best behavior ever since. He will even just roam outside alone. ALONE. We just check on him once in a while, but he usually stays in the backyard and sniffs for bunnies and butterflies. It's fabulous. Occasionally, he'll wander next door over the grand-puppy-parents, since the Hubs' dad is his absolutely favorite person to see. Plus, he usually gets a treat from his grand-puppy-mother.

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