Thursday, June 28, 2012

[ Smelling the Roses ]

I haven't been blogging a lot. Honestly, when life gets busy and I have that horrible tendency to get stressed. I know it's the norm for some people, so I am trying something new...

Life has been busy lately. Vacation. Work. Exercising. Camping. Housework. Friends. Everything needs to have a healthy balance, something I struggle to find. So, here's how I'm trying to live. I am working hard, but making room for FUN in my day. In other words, I work and do the things I don't necessarily enjoy or thing I have to do, like housework or work. But at some point in my day, regardless of where I am- even if I have a sink full of dishes or more packing to do to go camping- I stop and have fun. Last week, I chose to go to church softball even though I have more packing and organizing in order to go camping the next day with the fam. Last night, I had (and still have) like 4 loads of laundry to fold, but chose to enjoy being outside in my garden enjoying the heat and beauty of outside.

Life isn't slowing down, but I'm choosing to smell the roses as I go.

Sometimes it means that things don't get done, like a blog or two or five, like sweeping the kitchen, and the list goes on. But today is never guaranteed and I'm choosing to enjoy it. I'm choosing to enjoy this stage of life. I'm choosing a way that despite the fact that life isn't slowing down, I'm really enjoying life.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Long Time No Blog

Blogger Rule #1 : Blog

I guess I broke the number one rule of blogging. It's been what, like 3 weeks?! Seriously?! I'm not sure how time slipped away from me that fast, but through in an 11 day family vacation in Oregon, going camping this weekend and everything in between and 3 weeks is gone in a flash!

Here's some highlights from the past little while:

Baby Sister Graduated. 
Go Kitty!!!

We went out to the beautiful Oregon Coast & rented surf boards with wetsuits.

Some family members were swept out to sea due to strong currents on a surf board- accompanied by a pod of seals- and had to be rescued by the local volunteer fire department & their jetski. Everyone was okay, but it made for a great story! It's the first time in history we've ever had to call 911 in all of the crazy stuff the Bodas have done.

We spent a lot of time drinking lattes and enjoying each others company at my parents' house. If you haven't heard yet, they are moving back to Canada. So this family vacation was the last hurrah in Oregon.

We wrapped up our vacation with a day in Seattle with my Mom and Pops, which included a visit to the Gum Wall. I had never had the pleasure of seeing this. It's disgusting. 

Well, that's all for now folks! Just wanted to pop in & say hey!

Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[ Gardening 101 : From a Non-Expert ]

I’ve learned a number of things from my mother. Things all women should know. Like how to make people feel at ease in your home. Like how to cook for a whole lot of people. I learned other basic things like how to do laundry, how to love a man or how to follow Jesus. Another thing I learned from her was her love for the outdoors. This includes all things sunshine, exploring and last but not least- gardening.

We moved a lot as I was growing up. One of the last houses I lived in with my parents before I got married had beautiful gardens. Incredible varieties of flowers grew around the house, around the playhouse, in the yard- basically, our yard was like a park. To me, it was the dream yard. Now, as I have my own house and yard, I keep dreaming of that one yard. The one where my mum spent hours weeding to keep it from being choked out by weeds. The one where my mum would water daily so that the flowers would grow to incredible sizes and fullness. Yup, that’s what I dream of. Yet, I’m on a budget and there’s a lot work to be done before a garden of that caliber can be reached. 

So, what am I doing now? I’ve never read a book on gardening, the very thought makes me yawn. I don’t know anything about biology and science was never my strong point in school. Yet as I am laying out my gardens and planning ahead for the sunny summer months, I’ve learned a couple things over the past two years of having our own beautiful farmhouse. 

  1. You need to know where the sun is. Throughout the day, different areas of your garden will get varying degrees of sunshine. A plant that needs part shade should not be getting 8+ hours of hot sunshine. PLUS if there is an area of the garden that gets a lot of sunshine, the ground will also probably be dryer so a plant that needs to be kept nicely watered should get a little extra to drink.
  2. When you buy a plant, read the little plastic card that comes with it. If it says part shade or 4 hours of sun- it actually means it. I’ve made the mistake thinking that if I watered the plant enough or put it in well-draining soil, it might survive. Wrong, it died.
  3. Buy a sprinkler and only water in the morning or evening. I always thought that watering in the afternoon was the perfect time. I mean, it was always the hottest time of the day, my plants were looking thirsty from the sun beating down on them- it would be the perfect time, right? Wrong again. If you water during the hottest part of the day, two things happen: first, a lot of the water evaporates before it even hits the plant or as it hits the ground. Meaning you just waste water. Second, the water that does it hit the ground or the plant is going to dry up so quickly, your watering will be pretty a futile effort. So, if you water when it’s hot, you’ll waste your water and your poor plants will still be thirsty.
  4. Pull weeds regularly. If you do it every so often and keep fairly regular, it will make gardening not too bad. I hate pulling weeds. It seems like every time I turn my back, the weeds are already three inches tall and rearing their ugly little heads.
Obviously, a lot more goes into gardening. It takes time to learn what grows well. What you’ll kill every time you plant them. And your personal favorites. 
What do you do to keep your garden growing?
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