Thursday, June 28, 2012

[ Smelling the Roses ]

I haven't been blogging a lot. Honestly, when life gets busy and I have that horrible tendency to get stressed. I know it's the norm for some people, so I am trying something new...

Life has been busy lately. Vacation. Work. Exercising. Camping. Housework. Friends. Everything needs to have a healthy balance, something I struggle to find. So, here's how I'm trying to live. I am working hard, but making room for FUN in my day. In other words, I work and do the things I don't necessarily enjoy or thing I have to do, like housework or work. But at some point in my day, regardless of where I am- even if I have a sink full of dishes or more packing to do to go camping- I stop and have fun. Last week, I chose to go to church softball even though I have more packing and organizing in order to go camping the next day with the fam. Last night, I had (and still have) like 4 loads of laundry to fold, but chose to enjoy being outside in my garden enjoying the heat and beauty of outside.

Life isn't slowing down, but I'm choosing to smell the roses as I go.

Sometimes it means that things don't get done, like a blog or two or five, like sweeping the kitchen, and the list goes on. But today is never guaranteed and I'm choosing to enjoy it. I'm choosing to enjoy this stage of life. I'm choosing a way that despite the fact that life isn't slowing down, I'm really enjoying life.

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