Thursday, November 28, 2013

[ The Day He Had a Bobcat ]

So I left one morning to go to work and the Hubs was at home. 

A friend came over with his bobcat (think machine, not animal). 

They worked outside all day and I came home to a lot less trees, bushes, shrubbery...

And a lot prettier view too! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[ This Year, I'm Thanksgiving ]

Thanksgiving is in two days.  To be exact, it's in 1 day, 22 hours and a few minutes. Turkey, dressing, family, time to rest, time to be thankful, football and all kind of fun traditions that are made by being with people, enjoying them and what we've been given. Between Christmas and Thanksgiving, they run a pretty close race for my favorite holiday. Christmas wins because of the advent season and a month of reflections, the snow and lastly the incredible decorations... But Thanksgiving is a holiday that I look forward to. I enjoy it and try to soak up every moment. 

This year, as I was 'preparing' for thanksgiving (aka writing a grocery list since my wonderful mother-in-law actually hosts the main meal), I realized that I was dreading something. I was dreading Black Thursday/Friday. The last couple years, I have partook in the tradition of Black Friday which is quickly beginning to spill into Thursday and eat up Thanksgiving Day. I did the whole standing-in-line-freezing-my-buns-off thing to get some kind of good deals. This year, I realized I was dreading it. Dreading the shopping, dreading the crowds of tired-grumpy people. I didn't look forward to the tired cashiers who missed out on most of their meal because they had to be at Target preparing for the onslaught of people. 

This year, most stores seem to be opening earlier on Thursday, some even during dinner times. This year, I realized would be the first year that I didn't partook in this tradition. No more waiting in lines for stores to open. No more rushing to the electronics department for some sweet deal. This year, I did most of my shopping online. Thank-you Amazon Prime Shipping! This year, I want Thanksgiving to be about family, food, football and focus on people. Not focused on presents. Presents will come, there will be other sales. I can go shopping another day. Maybe Friday, after I've had my coffee and the lines have died down. But no midnight standing in line for this gal!

Blogger Matt Walsh wrote for the Huffington Post last week about the problem is regarding Black Thursday/Friday and extends a challenge to all shoppers... here's an excerpt from his article, which you should read if you've got the time! It's a good one!  

" COULD wait until Friday, couldn't you? And if you did wait until Friday, and if everyone waited until Friday, no store would ever open on Thanksgiving again, right? So you COULD take steps to protect Thanksgiving from the decay of materialism and consumerism, and, while you're at it, give this wonderful holiday back to the customer service representatives who have been forced to abandon it and cater to the stampeding throngs, right?"

read more from Walsh's article:

[ It's Arrived! ]

29 day until Christmas. Not that I am counting. Not that my tree has been up for 2 weeks already. Not that I already have been listening to Christmas music in my office for at least a week. Not that I already have 90% of my Christmas shopping done- thank-you Amazon!

I almost feel guilty for skipping Thanksgiving. Almost, but not quite. This year feels different. Actually, this year is different. I love the changing seasons. When the leaves changed color and the temperatures began to drop, I was so excited! Being pregnant has been great. I'm enjoying the different seasons and looking forward to the ones ahead. I'm 19 weeks today and finally feeling so much better that I am enjoying being pregnant. No longer sick for most of the day, I am enjoy the morning and have so much more energy. Yet, I'm still looking forward to the next season of being pregnant. I can't wait to feel my baby kick for the first time, for the Hubs to be able to feel it too. It's just all so exciting!

Monday, November 25, 2013

[ It's not so far... ]

My favorite part of this weekend was facetiming a wedding shower for my sister Kara & Paul. I was in the checkoutl line at Target when my phone started ringing and Dad's face appeared asking if I'd like to be a part of one of their Jack and Jill showers. Um, yes?! And this is why I always-always-always have headphones with me. I snuck over to the Target Cafe, popped in those headphones and got to sit in on a little bridal shower for my sista! I got to hear good friends speak words of encouragement and blessings, tell great stories about these two great people and give them prayers of blessing! 

Sometimes living in another country doesn't have to feel so far away...

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