Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[ It's Arrived! ]

29 day until Christmas. Not that I am counting. Not that my tree has been up for 2 weeks already. Not that I already have been listening to Christmas music in my office for at least a week. Not that I already have 90% of my Christmas shopping done- thank-you Amazon!

I almost feel guilty for skipping Thanksgiving. Almost, but not quite. This year feels different. Actually, this year is different. I love the changing seasons. When the leaves changed color and the temperatures began to drop, I was so excited! Being pregnant has been great. I'm enjoying the different seasons and looking forward to the ones ahead. I'm 19 weeks today and finally feeling so much better that I am enjoying being pregnant. No longer sick for most of the day, I am enjoy the morning and have so much more energy. Yet, I'm still looking forward to the next season of being pregnant. I can't wait to feel my baby kick for the first time, for the Hubs to be able to feel it too. It's just all so exciting!
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