Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[ Looking on the Bright Side ]

This week started off with lots of heat and humidity and storms, but despite all of that and my feeble attempt to look on the bright side of things on Monday, Tuesday has been a new day. I woke up to cool temps, which have since zoomed up into the high 80s, beautiful birds outside and a better attitude... Thank goodness for opportunity to look on the bright side, see the beautiful things and be thankful for the little things, like AC in my office and the ability to make iced coffee. Here's to an even better day tomorrow!

Friday, June 21, 2013

[ Bad Ideas ]

This whole warm weather thing has been a bit of a doozy. Maybe it was the long winter, maybe I'm just getting old, but I feel as though I am melting. Slowly, slowly melting...

Last night, a storm swept through our area, taking out some power lines, thundering through the night and keeping us all awake until the early hours. Even Remington was not a fan of the storm and ended up sleeping with us so he would calm down. I'm going to blame the lack of sleep for the worst coffee making experience...

I've started making my cold press in the mornings. 1 part coffee to 4.5 parts water. Mix in a French Press and let is sit for 8+ hours. Last night, as my kitchen was 86.4 degrees and I was, again, slowly melting, I decided to put my French Press in the fridge. Good idea, right? I would have nice chilled coffee in the morning and be able to handle the humidity and dew points that are creeping into 70% (which makes it feel tropical outside).

Nope, not a good idea... it was a BAD IDEA! My fridge has issues and occasionally freezes things. Like last night, it froze a good 1/2 inch of my coffee grounds on top of my delicious cold press coffee. After staring at my coffee and letting a few ideas run through of how to get to the deliciousness underneath, I stuck it in the microwave for a minute or two. Not a bad idea and it loosened up some of the ice. I then took a knife to the ice and tried to push it down.

That was bad idea #2 as coffee squished out of the ice and a new Old Faithful erupted in a mess of soaked coffee grounds and cold water in my kitchen, on the counter, on the floor and all over my shirt. I quickly realized my French Press was made to push the grounds down (again, blamed on lack of sleep from storm) and used the French Press for its actual purpose. It worked like a gem, I pour my coffee, added some creamer and set it on the counter. Absolutely did not actually screw the cap on causing me to spill yet again on myself, the floor and counter and shoes. After cleaning coffee up AGAIN, I finally made it out the door and into the car without anymore incidents...

So... here's to Minnesota storms, Fridays & laughing at yourself!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

[ A Weakness ]

I have a weakness. I'm not talking about coffee or photos of puppies or my favorite food group: dessert. I have another weakness: weather. 

I love weather. I recently looked into becoming a trainer weather spotter for my local area which would assist NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admonstration). Machines and computer programs can only predict so much when it comes to unpredictable weather patterns so NOAA has trained spotters that can report live when certain a events happen (hail, cloud rotation, etc). 

I've wanted to do this for about 2 years now and finally looked into getting the official training this along. Unfortunately, I missed the last day by 3 days and have to wait until next fall.  But don't worry! There is a 70+ training guide available and I've been doing some light reading.

On top of my light reading, the weather right now is actually fantastic! We currently have a strong system moving towards us tonight and it's hard to go to sleep knowing that's going be moving in! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[ 'Round These Parts ]

One of my favorite things about living where we do are the sunsets. Somehow, whenever our house was built in the early 1900s, someone had the foresight to make my kitchen window overlook a beautiful pasture filled with warm golden sunshine more days than I can count in the spring, summer & fall. Then right behind the house, I walk out my backdoor and see our barn bathed in sunshine that you just want to soak up and hold onto for as long as possible. 

I love my fleeting moments of golden sunshine. Even though they don't last very long, they warm you to the bone. Like seeing an old friend or curling up with a good book on a rainy day. Golden sunsets are one of my favorite parts 'round here. These moments remind me to breathe in deep, enjoying the moment before continuing with my evening...

[ I like this Wednesday ]

I'm starting to dislike Wednesdays... 

Wednesdays mean that it's been 2 days since I've really spent time with the Hubs.
It also means that there's 2 more days until I get to see him. 
Our crazy schedule makes Wednesdays unbelievably long. 

Except for today. Today is the day I got flowers at work... 

Monday, June 17, 2013

[ Weekend Highlight : Canoeing & Camping ]

This weekend the Hubs and I joined another married couple and we went camping for the weekend. We hasn't ever camped together as couples but it worked wonderfully. It was chill, no pressure for a schedule or any agenda. We got up whenever and no one cares that it took us 3 hours for breakfast from start to finish. 

One of my highlights was canoeing with the Hubs down the St. Crouix river. It was our first time canoeing together but we work well as a team and really enjoyed ourselves! 

Despite almost being carried off by mosquitoes, I'd say it was an overall successful weekend. Lots of good food, good company and more than anything- lots of time with my man during this busy season.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[ Days like Today ]

Life is going about a million miles a minute. We've official been submerged into craziness while the Hubs is in the last stretch of his school and while we can see the end in sight. Days like today make it easier to forget that this is just a season, a short season.

Days like today are the days when you wake up and later than you thought you would and you don't shower so it feels like you never really woke up. Days like today are the days when you seem to have a to-do list three miles long at work and it just keeps piling on. Days like today are the days when you wish you could yell, "Mullligan!" and start over- right back to the moment when your alarm went off and you should have gotten out of your warm bed instead of hitting that snooze button.

BUT days like today are the days that remind me of the important things. The more time the Hubs and I spend apart with his crazy schedule, makes our time together so much more fun, spontaneous and memorable. It makes me appreciate his sense of humor and his ridiculous jokes. It makes me look forward to his kiss on my forward when he crawls into bed after a long day. It makes me look forward to our weekends together camping, working in the yard and eating meals together.

Days like today are important because they require me to rely on Something bigger than me. I find kindness and patience in God. He's a God who knew that today would be a long day, that I would be tired and feeling overwhelmed and lonely yet beautifully orchestrated a dinner with girlfriends at my house. A dinner that would make me sit down, breathe and enjoy conversation with some delightful ladies. Who knew that digging in deeper with friends have a bigger purpose than eating Grandma's spaghetti?

Days like today are the days that remind me of the important things...
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