Friday, March 22, 2013

4 days. 1 hour. 5 minutes. 10 seconds.

The countdown has been ticking down the minutes since January. January 29th to be exact. That would be he day my sisters, Kara and Kitty, booked their flights to come and visit the Hubs and me in Minnesota. 4 days and some change is all that is left, and I cannot wait. Having the Hubs family close by fills a huge hole in my heart for sisters and parents and I'll always be so thankful for their open and generous hearts. But there is something satisfying for the soul when you are with your own sisters. The ones that mood between 2 countries, countless houses, went through the awkward ages and still chose to be friends with you. The sisters who you yelled at, cried with and watched endless episodes of stupid tv shows like Bridezillas, Friends or Gilmore Girls. I cannot wait for Tuesday. Let the countdown continue.....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm Dreaming of Summer

I'm dreaming of summer. For those who do not have the privilege of living someplace dreamy and green and are still stuck in wind blown snow drifts, the cold is beginning to grow old. For someone who loves winter and layering clothes, it takes a lot of strength to admit the struggle with the snow. Just this last weekend we got another several inches of snow followed by bone chilling winds. Yet all I can think about it planting, new baby green leaves and mowing the lawn!

 I know it will come soon enough, but since it's just around the corner, I can't wait!
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