Friday, June 22, 2012

Long Time No Blog

Blogger Rule #1 : Blog

I guess I broke the number one rule of blogging. It's been what, like 3 weeks?! Seriously?! I'm not sure how time slipped away from me that fast, but through in an 11 day family vacation in Oregon, going camping this weekend and everything in between and 3 weeks is gone in a flash!

Here's some highlights from the past little while:

Baby Sister Graduated. 
Go Kitty!!!

We went out to the beautiful Oregon Coast & rented surf boards with wetsuits.

Some family members were swept out to sea due to strong currents on a surf board- accompanied by a pod of seals- and had to be rescued by the local volunteer fire department & their jetski. Everyone was okay, but it made for a great story! It's the first time in history we've ever had to call 911 in all of the crazy stuff the Bodas have done.

We spent a lot of time drinking lattes and enjoying each others company at my parents' house. If you haven't heard yet, they are moving back to Canada. So this family vacation was the last hurrah in Oregon.

We wrapped up our vacation with a day in Seattle with my Mom and Pops, which included a visit to the Gum Wall. I had never had the pleasure of seeing this. It's disgusting. 

Well, that's all for now folks! Just wanted to pop in & say hey!

Have a great weekend!!!
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