Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hubs & Snickerdoodles

 I have an incredible husband. In high school, I read a quote listing all of the things that a woman should want in a man. All of the things women should demand for in a man. I saved that quote for many years in my Draft box on my email, just in case I ever needed it. The quote included things like: "don't let him break your heart. never settle for anything less that perfect." You know, the sappy high school crap.... Anyhow, I had the quote for a long time and finally deleted my email draft before I went off to college.

Guess who I met just a couple of months later? You guessed it, the Hubs. Only then, he was the Boy (aka boyfriend). I'm not going to lie, everything has not always been pink and rosie with snickerdoodles on top. Dating was challenging and good. Lots of good "discussions" happened. Now that we are married, lots more "discussions" happen.

My point? Life is not all made up of snickerdoodles and fluffy puppies. Sometimes, it's hard. As I think about that stupid quote, despite how hard life can sometimes be. Despite how sour the lemons can be that life can toss our way, my Hubs rocks. I found a man that buys me flowers "just because" (don't gasp or gafaw, yes, there are still men that do that). I found a man that cooks dinner because he knows I didn't sleep well the night before and I'm tired. I found a man that makes the bed, picks up his dirty clothes and puts his dishes in the sink. Just because he loves me.

Here's just how awesome my husband is. He completes me.

I hope everyone finds someone who is 
the Cheese to their Macaroni.
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