Sunday, August 21, 2011

Button Pins

I was feeling exceptionally crafty today. Especially domesticated. Fun things always happen when this feeling descends upon our home. I cook things, like amazing soups & new recipes with weird ingredients like quinoa & cucumbers. I bake things, like praline pudding cake topped with ice cream (so good!). I clean things and throw away lots of stuff. Sometimes, I sew things, which doesn't happen very often since I don't have a sewing machine. It's going on my birthday and Christmas list. Today, I sewed and glued things.

My latest craftiness:

Buttons & bobby pins! Add a little thread and some glue and you have a DIY hairpiece. 

Make sure you buttons are nice clean 
(you are going to be putting them in your hair after all)

Sew the button onto the bobby pin, to help secure it.

Add a little glue to the back of the button and you have it! A Button-Pin!

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