Sunday, August 28, 2011

Deep Fat Fried Fair

Establishing traditions is something that the Hubs and I try to do. We try to think about the fun little things like how we are going to spend Christmas morning together and what to have for breakfast before we open our presents. Another fun little thing is the Minnesota State Fair. There is nothing small about the State Fair. Millions attend. Food is served, except normally you won't find it on a plate, bowl or cup. Minnesota State Fair food is served on a stick. Oh, and it's deep fried most of the time. No joke!

Generally, we do not partake in the deep fat fried-ness, however, seeing what they have new this year is always fun... Usually you can find pickles, steak, twinkies, cookie dough and pretty much anything else you can jab with a thin stick.  We do have our usual foods that we get including milkshakes from the Dairy Barn, Sweet Martha's Cookies and a Wild Rice burger. With food in hand, we generally head over to check out a horse show or two and then onto check out the baby animals.

Persheron Draft Horse Junior Class... I swear one of the drivers was only 9 years old. She looked so little, but she handled her two horse team with pride and absolutely authority. She even placed! But I can't remember the color order, so I'm not sure where she placed.

We also went over to see the other animals. Pigs, sheep and cows are my favorite. So cute. So adorable. I love them all. This pig was not feeling the crowds today. He barely even opened his eyes when I bent down to snap a photo.

This wee, tiny calf is three hours old. Only three. We missed him being born by only a couple hours. I'm a little bummed. I've never seen a calf being born. Goats and pigs, I've seen it and it's no big deal. Calves? Well, I hear they stick their arm up the butt and stuff. It just sounds weird. Maybe next year we'll catch that event.

Lastly, we checked out the tractors. The refurbished ones, the new ones, the old ones, the motors. We saw 'em all! There is even a John Deer motor that they have rigged up to make homemade ice cream. We've never tried any, but the idea is awesome!

So another year of establishing our traditions as we wrapped up the Minnesota State Fair yet again. We got the food, saw our animals and saw our tractors. Success.
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