Monday, March 19, 2012

Kiddos, Sunshine, Dirt

I got some serious play time with my niece and nephew. 
Tractors, bubbles, orange julius and lots of laughing.

I soaked up as much sun as possible and read outside
for at least four hours on Sunday afternoon

The Hubs and I had a mini date night with pizza and a movie rental

On Friday, the Hubs accepted a job that will keep him busy
until he starts school at Metro State in the fall. Hallelujah, God always provides!

I went shopping at GAP with some girlfriends and stayed really close to my budget.
And by really close I mean within $15.

I planted my seeds in hopes of having baby plants ready when it's warm enough to plant them

We cleaned up part of the old turkey barn. There used to be a building on the left hand side that matched the right hand side. Now it's half a building and great for storing trailers and the likes. No more trees growing up and around fences and gates. No more trees sprouting through the collapsing roof tops. 

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