Thursday, March 29, 2012

Makeover Mudroom

When we first got the farmhouse, this is the first room we walked into:

There used to be a giant freezer sitting where the green carpeting ends and lots of other random storage stuff. It wasn't insulated, so it was pretty cold and for some reason it had been painted green. Lime-ish green. Not cool. This was the "mudroom" that was not welcome, had no closet and had no where to even hang a coat.

First things first, we look out the green carpet and extra stuff lying around- like the snow shoes hanging up in the corner. Once the room was all cleaned out, the Hubs worked on putting up a closet in the back of the room that would have a shelf on top for bins to organize our outdoor stuff, bar for hanging coats & shelving for shoes and boots.

Next, we set to work on painting the horrible green. It was such a harsh color that just walking through there made my eyes hurt. Especially on a sunny day. I chose two colors that not only complementing each other and were used through the rest of the house, but were also bright and cheerful. I wanted our mudroom to be welcoming when people walked in.

They are kind of hard to see, but it is a soft yellow with a color called: Shaker Beige. We also used the same color in our bedroom and just love how warm it is. To make the yellow pop, we kept the ceiling white, just repainted it, and we put up wainscoting around the yellow walls. The weirdest part about all of this was that the wall that we painted Shaker Beige was the original exterior wall of the farmhouse, so you can still siding. Instead of covering it, we just decided to appreciate the texture and painted it.

For the floor, we decided to do individual 12x12 tiles that were self adhesive. We were a little bit nervous about them coming up over time, so we still glued them down to make sure. When deciding what colors to go with, I wanted something that didn't take away from the wonderful yellow walls but still held dirt. We chose a dark brown pattern which sounds weird, but works really well with the white and yellow combo.

This is the finished product:

We bought 2 coat racks at Ikea for $9 each and they just happened to fit
 the perfect length across that interior wall! It was meant to be!

We got the light fixture at Minards for $25 as it was the last one in stock!
The door still needs to be painted, I have the red paint bought 
and am just waiting for nice weather some Saturday to get it done!

Everything is labeled with a silver permanent marker so that I don't have
 to dig through 4 bins to find the 1 pair of work gloves I need every Saturday.

The view from the kitchen going out the mudroom. Looks a whole heck of a lot better, right? It's warmer, welcoming and feels like I have sunshine in my mudroom year round. 

Also done: 
The Bathroom 
Dining Room & Living Room

Still left to Makeover: the Kitchen & Upstairs

Still to come: 
the Bedroom & the Office Nook 
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