Monday, March 26, 2012

Bathroom Makeover

Here is the before: 

Notice the face rock tiling mixed with the patterned wallpaper. It's hard to see, but the shower is also another texture and color with a greenish rock tile. There are so many things that needed to change, it was hard to know where to begin. First, the brown wall had to be updated. We didn't want to tear it off as it would require even more work to insulate and sheet rock just that small portion of the wall. We also had to tear off the horrible wallpaper which was so busy and faded that it wasn't even in good enough condition to go with a retro theme.

see that horrible shower tile? ew.

I should also mention, this is our one and only bathroom. Master, guest, you name it. AND it is right off of our kitchen. So, if we leave the door open, you can see our toilet. That being said, we needed it to be cozy, fit in with the rest of the main floor and look clean. All in one swoop.

So, I chose some warm colors. A deep red to cover up the rocks so that it would not be too obviously that the wall is textured. I chose a light color for the rest of the room and then used some accent colors to bring it all in together. I also chose a long enough shower curtain to cover up the horrible shower. We chose not to redo the whole shower until we have the option to expand the bathroom somehow sometime in the future.

Here is the semi-finished project: 

(I had added a curtain next to the toilet so that people cannot 
see you using the facilities as well as a toilet paper holder, but you get the idea)

Also done:  The Dining Room & Living Room
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