Saturday, October 12, 2013

[ Check out Bitty Baby! ]

I hit 12 weeks this week. I hoped this would be a magical week, filled with feeling better and more energy. Well, let's just say we're still looking forward to next week. There are lots more weeks to come and I'm sure they will each be better.

Right now, I just can't believe it's a bitty baby inside. We had an ultrasound done this week and we were mind blown! I'm so glad that the Hubs got to come with me to see our baby. The baby was kicking and moving around so much. It's crazy that I can't feel him or her move, yet seeing all those little jumps and kicks on the screen was awesome. Absolutely awesome. Then, to make it even better (like it wasn't already pretty sweet) the tech took a 3D photo of our baby. He or she actually looks like a bitty human.

In case you can't see what's happening, the bitty baby has it's arms up by it's head, waving them like she don't care. You can see her little tummy and string bean legs at the bottom.

So here's to 12 weeks and our bitty baby! Even though I'm still not feeling 100%, I do love this season!

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