Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Drinks

There are several things I love about the holidays, but one of my favoritest (yes, that's absolutely a word!) are holiday drinks! From Starbucks to Caribou, I love it when the red holiday cups roll out with delicious cups of warm treats.... Here are a couple of suggestions if you want to try something filled with holiday goodness:

Eggnog Chai
Here's how I'd recommend ordering it:
Grande, 5 pump, No Water, Eggnog Chai
Don't laugh, just thank me after you've tried it.
Your welcome.

Carmel Brulee Lattee
I'd recommend asking for an extra pump of syrup if 
you like sweet stuff or don't care for a strong cup of joe. 
That's what I'm drinking in the picture above and
obviously I'm excited- just because it's THAT good!

Carmel Budino
It has caramel, heavy whipping cream, milk, more carmel, 
some syrup stuff and is basically sweetness in a cup. 
Just order it, nothing else needed!

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