Friday, September 7, 2012

[ Friday Love ]

I love Fridays. I love feeling of waking up knowing that I'll get to sleep in the next morning. I love waking up to birds singing, soft golden rays and a purring cat laying on top of me. While I enjoy my job, there is just something special about the 2 days put together that we call the Weekend. No agendas, no hours sitting in front of a computer, no meetings or answering the phone. I enjoy my job, but cannot honestly say that I love it more than enjoying time working outside in my garden or drinking a cup of coffee on the back patio.

On the agenda for this weekend:
  1. Try a new recipe.
  2. Have some friends over.
  3. Edit some more photos.
  4. Sleep In.
  5. Weed my garden. 
I know, a crazy busy & jam packed weekend... NOT! It's going to be awesome!
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