Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[ Homegrown Garden ]

Remember when my garden looked like this?

We tilled it using the tractor and one that you push, hoping to keep down as many weeds as possible. We figured we might need to spend a little extra time pulling weeds this year since it would be the first time this area has been tilled in probably forever.

We got super ambitious and planted all kinds of goodies from sweet corn to carrots to lemon cucumbers (never had them, hope they're good!). We have 3 kinds of pumpkins, zucchini, onions and snap peas. I had also started pepper and tomato plants inside the house in March so we added those to our little veggie garden. Within a couple of weeks, we had spouts of life in neat little rows across our big plot of black dirt.

Now, a couple months after we've planted, I've already eaten way too many handfuls of snap peas and have 7 large (I mean- LARGE) zucchini's hanging out in the fridge. Tomatoes are forming, onions are beginning to peek their little heads about the dirt, the corn has nice big tassels and I can already see the beginnings of a monstrosity of a pumpkin.

We anticipating having to weed & till often in order to keep the weeds at bay. BUT, we've only have to really pull weeds twice and till only once! We got a good rain last night, so the Hubs and I walked down the garden to see if we had any more veggies to pick. We ended up pulling weeds, which is the best time since the ground was still soft from the 2 inches of rain we had gotten in the past 24 hours. The Hubs even helped me- what a guy!

It's amazing how good the veggies are. I can't wait for fresh carrots and I already have plans for next year's garden. We're going to be even more strategic about where we plant the viney stuff, maybe expand a bit to the south and plant even more vegetables (like potatoes- who doesn't plant potatoes???). So good!!!

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