Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[ Guest Blog: His Story ]

Wow, I never really thought that I would be honored to write on my wife’s blog or ever write a blog post, it's kind of her thing. But I figured it was time to write down my story about where we’ve been and how it’s gone. 

To start off I am the Hubs, the husband Kylie talks about often in her blog.  I went Crown College for 4 years and obtained my B.S in Sport Management and played 4 years of college football.  I met my gorgeous wife in college.  Coming out of college in 2009 I thought getting a job would be hard, but not as hard as it was for me.  After graduating I worked my summer job where I worked while going to college.  I loved that job, but it was only seasonal, lasting from April to September.  While working that summer I started sending out resume after resume to companies that were hiring only getting a few interviews and not much else.  Then in November 2009 with not having found a job yet I applied at a Target store just to get a job to have income and pay off loans and save up for the future.  I never thought I would be working at Target as a team member with a 4 year degree and previous work experience, but God had other plans for me that I did not expect. 

Through my time at Target, God taught me many valuable lessons of perseverance and patience.  I had a very hard time allowing God to take control of my situation and turning it over to him entirely.  I had many hard discussions with my father, mother and future wife (at that time) about what I am supposed to be doing and why God had burdened me with not being able to get a full time job.  I am a person that wants to figure things out for myself, does not like getting a lot of help and tries to control or figure it all out on my own.  I kept telling myself through this time that I needed to just control this situation and figure it out for myself.  I started to tell myself that I was not good enough for jobs and started letting Satan creep in my life telling me false lies about myself. 

In the midst of all this, in August 2010, I married the love of my life, Kylie.  Through this time Kylie has been my best friend.  Through the thick and thin, she has always been there for me.  In the spring of 2011, I finally started letting God take control of my situation and things started to change, but not in a way that we could see at first. It began when that spring, we had a blow to the knees when Kylie lost her job.  As she didn’t work for 3 months we lived on a limited income, which was a challenge, but so rewarding when looking back at it, which would prepare us and shape us to be more life Christ.  Living on a limited income makes you look at things in a different light and truly shows you how God can bless you.  We learned that while God can bless you, it is essential to learn to accept those blessings. It is a hard lesson to learn, a lot harder than it sounds. However, I learned how to take blessings from the people who wanted to bless us with things whether it was helping around the farm or taking us out for dinner.  Together, Kylie and I learned that financial gain and status are not important in the view of eternity. Society tells us to get as much money as we can. As our mindsets were changed, God began opening up my eyes to see where I could be going with my career. For some reason, he waited until we had gone through this, but it was perfect timing- something that only he can know. In September of 2011, I applied for law enforcement school. I have always wanted to do this but always made up excuses to not do it. A big excuse was the money, but God had provided and blessed us this far, so why would he stop now? I finally allowed God to lead me, and with family encouraging me, I applied and started taking class in January 2012.  I will be completed with school in August 2013 which then I will be able to achieve my career goal of becoming a Police Officer.

To wrap this up, all I want to say GOD IS GOOD.  When things got bad, all I could hear was “God will never put something in your life that you cannot handle or defeat.”  With that repeating in my mind, I knew that God was in control. I knew he would take care of me. I knew he would provide for us when we needed it. I knew he had everything planned out.  This has been an amazing journey and I know that it’s not over, which is the most exciting part.  I know that with my amazing wife, family and my wife’s family were essential to this process and I could have not done it without them. They prayed for me daily. There when I need someone to talk to and there just to give me a pat on the back and say keep up the hard work and keep on persevering. 

I hope that if you read this you come out with something that can apply to your life.  Just remember don’t count God out. Let him lead you were he wants you to go and you may be surprised.

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