Thursday, April 19, 2012

[ To My Faves ]

Kirsten, Me, Kitty, Kara & Casey

These are some of my favoritest people in the whole world. The 5 of us are sisters. I bet you couldn't tell, right? All about the same height, same build (kinda), same shoe size. I'm sure you would have never guessed! Growing with four sisters usually brings about comments like:

"Your poor dad. He's a brave man"
"I bet your dad is excited to finally have some men in the family"
"How did your dad survive?!"

Well, let me tell you a little something. I might be a little biased, but girls are awesome. Until I was 9 years old, I thought I was going to marry my dad. He was my night in shining armor. He was my hero. He was my everything. At 9, I realized that he was a married man and that he happened to be married to my mum and that it was actually no longer cute to want to marry him. But you get the point. 5 girls, 6 if you count my mother, adored my father growing up. Yes, there were certain times of the month when World War III broke out. There were times when I'm sure he had no idea why we were crying or why we were even upset. But you know what? My dad loved it. I'm not making this stuff up, you can ask him. Loved it.

[ps. I don't like those kind of comments. Girl rock. Enough said. My dad ain't the kind of man that needs a boy to complete him.]

Anyhow, remember, we were talking about my sisters? And their awesomeness? Right...

As I was saying... We're all a year and a half (give or take a month of two) apart from each other. Meaning, there are only 6 and 1/2 years between me and Kitty, the youngest. There is only a year and 1/2 between me and Casey, the second oldest. Growing up, I never had a shortage of friends because I lived with 4 of them. High school definitely brought its challenges, but since we've all moved away, most have gone to college and some have graduated, life has changed. Life has changed for the absolute better. There is not a group of 4 ladies (let's include my mum too) that I would rather spend an afternoon with drinking lattes, have a text conversation with, sharing blog and pinterest ideas with, or email back and forth 44 times in one evening. My sisters are incredible women and I have the opportunity to call them MY sisters.

to: Kirsten, Casey, Kitty & Kara 
all of ya'll are my favs.
ps. please don't kill me for putting up some of these photos.
pps. Kirsten, I told you I'd give you a shoutout.
much loves.
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