Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Might Like Valentines Day

What a wonderful week. Wonderful. 

Valentines Day...
4 day work week...
a trip to Caribou coffee...
warm sunshine...

I don't normally like Valentine's Day. I mean, it leaves a lot of people out. Everyone who doesn't have a significant other feels it somehow. Even though I have a wonderful husband who makes sure that I feel especially loved on February 14th, I still feel bad. Anyhow, even though I don't normally like Valentine's Day, this one was fairly awesome. By fairly awesome, I mean totally rad.

I started off my Valentine morning with Caribou coffee with my work Valentine, Kimmie. Caribou had a deal where if you buy one drink, you get the second free! Um, yes please! I'll take a vanilla white mocha, hold the whip!

As if the vanilla white mocha wasn't enough for my unhealthy, super filling and delicious caloric intake for the day, we also went out with the Hubs' family and good family friends for milkshakes at Snuffy's. We share a Coffee Fudge shake that was gone in record time! I swear, anytime you give me a straw with a beverage, it's gone in twice as fast. The company and food was incredible, not to mention being able to celebrate the day of love with family and friends!

The Hubs and I celebrated our Valentine's Day together last Saturday. We went to Outback and gave each other gifts. I made the Hubs a picture frame that I can update with reasons why I love every day. Except, the Hubs has been using his own present to write reasons why he loves me everyday...

to make: 
take a picture frame,
 print out whatever words you want on a piece of paper 
(like: i love you because...) 
put it in the frame
use a dry erase marker to write messages

He bought me flowers, but not the normal kind. They are bulbs that are blooming, so I can feel like I have Spring in my own kitchen AND when it gets warm outside, I can plant them to have them come up next year! Seriously, I love this man! It's the perfect gift.

How was your Valentine's? 
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