Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Good and the Bad

Cow-a-bunga! It's been almost 2 weeks since I was last one. 2! I honestly thought it'd been like 5 days, nope, it's been 12. Apparently life has been busy! Let's catch up!

The Good
I learned how to make soup. Actually, I attempted making soup. Real soup that is from scratch. It was amazing and delicious and one of my favorites now. 
Meet: Cheesy Potato Soup

I also have had more time at home alone since the Hubs is beginning classes for his Law Enforcement Certificate (yay him!). More time at home = snuggle time with Aruba and Remington!
Meet: Super sleepy and cuddly puppy

I got together with a bunch of girlfriends (as happens every Monday) to watch the Bachelor. I'm not sure if you've been following or even know what I'm talking about, but if you know who Ben is, you'll like this... My friend Shauna made the shocking discovering of who Ben actually looks like: Francine, yes from the children's show Arthur. Here, take a look:

Meet: Francine

Meet: Ben

My mother flies in tomorrow evening on a layover flight and I get to have dinner with her! I cannot wait! We get to see each other several times a year and I'm so excited to add one more tally to this year's visits. 

The Bad
Starting off this week feeling sick. It made have been from a crazy week and weekend where the Hubs and I rushed from one thing to next, almost not taking a breath in-between. Note to self - relax for at least an hour each day next weekend. 

Remington took me for a walk the other day... We went walking out in our woods and he must have caught a scent of something especially delicious because he took off and disappeared for a solid 20 minutes. 20 minutes into a large field bordered by woods aka I had no chance of finding him if he didn't come back. Thankfully, he came a-running, his scent chasing desire satisfied! 

No snow. I know anyone who probably lives in the Midwest area or north of the USA border is thinking I am a complete nutcase, BUT I WANT IT! I love snow! We haven't have one big snow storm yet this winter and I just don't feel like I can truly appreciate the cold and brown-dead trees until a good ol' storm blows through.
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