Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I'm officially obsessed. With parties. Due to the season, parties are kind of my thing. We had one today at work for our division, which was fabulous. With my only instructions being to include meatballs, I was given free reign. Can I get an amen?! Planning with no instruction just makes my insides tickle! I loaded up half of my Christmassy house decorations and brought them along to liven up the normally very boring room. I love snowflakes, anything red, christmas lights in any form and what the heck, let's through in a Santa (don't judge me, I know Christmas is not really about ol' Saint Nick, but mine is so cute with a little countdown till Christmas)... *sigh... What a great day! And I get to do it again Thursday and Monday and I'm sure I'll find some more parties to plan before the Christmassy month is over!

Here's some jolly decorations from today (complete with food, as all parties should include):

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