Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Me

Yesterday was my 25th birthday.

25 years. If I did my math correct, I'm pretty sure that's a quarter of a century, but that just doesn't quite sound right to me.

Since I am an adult, missing work is not really a viable option any more. However, the second I was done with my responsibilities, I slipped away a bit early to rush home. The Hubs had a dinner date planned to my most favoritest restaurant possibly ever. P.F. Changs. If you suffer from Celiac or just need some good grub - you must go. Google it and find the closest one to you and go.

They even have a small gluten free dessert that I enjoyed with the Hubs. 
Just because it was my birthday!

After our dinner date, we had the Hubs' family over for dessert and gifts. The Hubs was ooober proactive this year and no cooking was required as he ordered a beautiful flourless cake from our local Wholefoods.
The food, fellowship and of course presents were all wonderful. It was a great birthday!
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