Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Todays Saturday

I woke up this morning completely prepared and ready for today to be Saturday. As the Hubs peeled himself out of bed, and I soon followed to make some strong cups of coffee. I have slowly come to terms with the fact that yes, indeed, it is only Tuesday. As the light but steady rain slowly woke me up this morning with my steaming cup o' joe, I reflected on a couple of things happening in our little family's life right now (family = Hubs, me, dog, cat).

We are at a good place. I've shared before about the journey that we are on as the Hubs looks for a permanent job. It's been a bumpy ride the past year, yet where we are is a quiet place. We have found peace in always being taken care of. We have found joy in being with each other. We have found contentment as we enjoy where we live, in our peaceful little farmhouse. We have found love in living close to the Hubs' family. Life is good. While we don't know what tomorrow holds, enjoying where God has put us for now is an incredible place to be.


Completely unrelated, 
here is a fantastic picture to get your day started off right:


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