Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photo Challenge: Stop that Door Stop

Day 8:  Technology

Remington's new nemesis is the door jam. You know, the thing behind doors to stop them so the door handle doesn't put a whole through the newly painted drywall? Yeah, that thing. He barks and bark and barks at it. Then, when it stops making the weird twangy noise, he'll hit it again with his paw and it'll start all over again. Seriously, Rem? This morning, he did it for 35 minutes straight. Yes, I almost pulled out all of my hair.

Day 9: Faceless Self Portrait

Self Portraits are hard. They really are. You have to choose something that can represent you in a good light. I choose scarves and tights. I love them. I hope it doesn't reflect something weird from the psychology world that I am into things that like choking and super tight clothing. That's just weird. Scarves are the perfect accessory and they keep you warm. Tights not only keep you warm but can spice up an outfit - like the coral/orangish colored ones I have on.

Day 10:  Something I made

Don't tell anyone, but I didn't actually take this picture today. BUT I LOVE MY BUTTON PINS! They are super fabulous and so easy! Button + thread + glue + bobby pin = Button Pin. 'Nough said.
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