Thursday, September 1, 2011

September, wha?

September? Are you kidding me? July was just here and August apparently squeezed in here somewhere. Summer is gone and soon cooler temperatures are going to change the leaves. I cannot wait. Today, the heat index is going to be up around 100 degrees. Can you say gross? Yes. Definitely. I've officially decided my favorite seasons (as every human being should) and they go in this order: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. If I lived somewhere else that allows you to go outside and not instantly start perspiring (women, remember we don't sweat, that's gross). Minnesota's humid summer are great if you can live on a lake and go swimming. However, we do not. So, I'll just enjoy my fall and winter for all it's worth!

Quick little plug: if you have an android phone or anything along those lines, look up RetroCamera. First of all, it's awesome. Second, it has like 5 or 6 different cameras to choose from with different features. Polaroid, different effects or borders. Super sweet! The pics above were taken with RetroCamera. Enjoy!

Here's to a wonderful Thursday and celebrating that tomorrow is Friday, which means a 3 day weekend!
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