Saturday, September 24, 2011

Photo Challenge: Clouds Color & Love

I have a thing for clouds. I do. I love sunrises (when I can peel myself out of bed) and sunsets. The reds, purples, pinks, oranges and yellows that slowly fade into a dark mysterious blue enthrall me. I could watch the sky for hours if I had nothing else to do- like make dinner, wash dishes or vacuum. Storm clouds are by far my favorite. Unfortunately, it is the wrong time of year to get some photos of storm clouds, so a beautiful sunset will have to do. 

Day 4: Favorite Color

My favorite color is not red. Technically, it is green but I might be changing it to yellow. Since I am up in the air and really like the color red, here is our beautiful red barn. Yes, I said our. This barn is in my backyard. I have the best backyard. Ever.

Day 5: Something I love

Cheesy, eh? Yup, I love my Hubs and my pup, Remington.
Wanna know why I'm at Day 5? 
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