Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend Bliss

I wrote this earlier in the day, but forgot to post it... enjoy....

Weekends. Blissful weekends. I know it'll be full of cleaning, laundry and wrestling with the dog, but I love them. Maybe it has more to do with the anticipation of looking forward to 2 days where you get to make your own choices of what to do. Even if you choose to do nothing. Maybe it has more to do with the very idea and notion of sleeping past 5:45am, something that's been a bit of a novelty the past 2 weeks in the McCoy home. Regardless the actual reason, I just may cough it up to the fact that I adore weekends. I love them. To make matter even better (if that's truly possible) the weekend starts in just a couple hours for me. (As for those an time zone or two behind me, I'm sorry... hang in there, you'll make it too!)


Quick update on things that I've mentioned in the past, but forget about until two, three (maybe six) weeks later. 

  • The job situation with the Hubs: Can I just say that some of you prayin' folk have had us on your hearts and we know it. No, there is not the perfect job descending down to us for him. No, we don't see an end in sight yet. However, we are still remaining hopeful and encouraged. Weird, right? Nothing is happening and yet we are good. We are okay. Someone obviously has us in their prayers. Small side note: the Hubs got accepted into an MBA program that he'll be starting this fall. YEAH HUBS! I'm so excited for him and think he's definitely going to rock it. Smaller side note: I'm also going to be getting my masters this fall, except in Organizational Leadership. Go us! 

  • Next: photography. We've had a bit of a crazy summer, so I haven't taken many. Stinks, I know. You miss it, I know. I've thought a lot about ways and how to start selling my photos, but I keep running into a wall when it comes to printing, etc. Thoughts? Help? Hopefully this weekend I'll post some super cute pics of Remington (I know you've missed seeing his furry face). 
That's all I got for now. Updates are always good. Cover the bases and then we can move onto more exciting things, like the weather. Seriously. Few topics can be discussed across any spectrum of age groups, for any length of time and it is always an acceptable form of awkward conversation when there's just nothing else to say. For those who are as serious about the weather as I am, it's more than just an awkward, "So, how about this ridiculous humidity?" For me, it's about statistics and averages, breaking records and knowing the facts. Example numero uno: did you know that when Minnesota had their really hot, sticky humid stretch this past week, as we hit 85+ dew point, the only other place in the western hemisphere that was more humid and disgusting was the Amazon. Ah-mah-zon people. If that doesn't get you excited about weather, then quite frankly, I am not sure what will. It was so hot. Our thermometer on the back porch was off the charts and it usually goes to 120. Yup, that's sweating weather.

Enough about the weather though. For those who are not as enthusiastic about it as I am, we'll move on. Until next time....

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