Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Has Arrived!

Do you enjoy summer time? Hot humid, sticky, cannot-breathe summer? I do. I love it. I love the storms that it brings, the crazy heat and of course any excuse to go swimming. And guess what! The heat is here! Today and tomorrow we might see 95+ weather. A little warm for me, considering that I am totally not adjusted and totally not ready, but bring it on! This weekend 75 will feel cool and I'll be officially "climata-ted" (yes, it's a word) for summer.

Living in the land of the lakes, there is never a shortage of things to do on the water. Fishing, boating, tubing, wading, swimming, laying on the beach, floating in the water, riding the pontoon around, and the list goes on. This summer, I get to add something to my list of lake activities: throwing Remington in the lake- I mean, teaching Remington how to swim. Call me a bad puppy-parent, whatevs. He is a fantastic swimmer, but hates hates hates the water with such a passion that I didn't know dogs could have. Here is how it usually goes:

1. Scrambling. 
2. Swimming.
3. More Scrambling.

So, swimming is not his favorite thing. I think next time, I'm going to take him to a beach with his favorite toy and try 2 inch deep water. We'll see how that works....

On the Job Front
On a completely different note, I got a job. For those who were praying and thinking of me and the Hubs this past week, THANK YOU. I'm am going to be returning to Crown College to work with the Admissions Team. I cannot wait. I'm excited about a job that will fit my strengths and weaknesses, hopefully finding a good balance between administrative skills and relationships.  I'm excited to be a part of a team where I already have a foundation of relationships and friendships built. I'm excited about that fact that God once again provided for our little family of two. Yes, he remembers even us. Yes, he even answers prayers like little things like really cool jobs with really cool people. Keep praying for the Hubs, we're rounding the bend and hopefully the finish line is in sight with his opportunity. Two interviews down and one to go. Don't stop praying now!

I love photography. Maybe you didn't notice from the loads of pictures scattered throughout each blog. Or maybe you didn't notice with the separate blog dedicated to photos I've taken. If you missed these two huge major signs of a love and passion for photography, I'll fill you in. I love photography. There is something so special about capturing a moment, whether it be an incredible flamingo-pink and ruby-red sunset or a second when the world is good, Remington is listening, the Hubs is looking down on the cutest little pup and the two are just in owner-puppy heaven. There is something special in each moment, being able to remember it for years to come. To look back and remember, "oh, that was such a good day" or "oh, remember that time?....." For a while, I have been encouraged by many people to sell my photography. From the Hubs, to the fam, to the bestie, I have been told for years to figure out a way to sell it. So... I've decided to use the wonderful world wide web as my platform to introduce my photos to the world. I'm still working out the hows and the whens, but I'm researching, working on a brand name (maybe a logo, not sure yet) and thinking about the logistically side of things. So, just a little something to look forward to in the future :)

If anyone has any suggestions regarding:
  • Good, low cost websites?
  • Photography names: MccPic? KyMcc? Thoughts?
  • Where to order pics from? Or to buy a printer?
  • Anything???? 
I'd love to hear! Love love love! In the meantime, I'll leave you with a couple more pictures I've taken recently...

Fishing Walleyes on Lake Mary at Sunset

Enjoying his first boat ride, as long as he didn't touch the water

Full sprint, so excited! Check out those ears!!!

Amazing sunset over our barn

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