Thursday, May 12, 2011

Raining Weeds

Have ever been in a writing mood? Maybe a reading mood? or just a thinking mood? I'm in a writing mood, but nothing exceptionally inspirational is on my mind and nothing too out of the norm has happened.

So, here, read about my morning:

First off, my gardens need some serious weeding, planting, pulling, spraying of round-up and sunshine, but it's raining. No, it is a pouring. I had heard that the forecast for today was light showers scattered throughout the day. Well, guess what? The forecast was wrong, no shocker there. I was out in the garden, bearing the wild outdoors since it was only misting. After all, any true Pacific Westerner wouldn't just give up in a light rain, right? I figured I could handle myself for a while. I got out the good ol' rusty trusty farm truck and headed out to rake some leaves.

As soon as I was in the middle of everything,  having half the leaves in the back of the truck and the other half scattered randomly around underneath our beautiful towering oak tree (stupid tree leaves), it started to pour. I mean, soaking right down to your underwear pour! However, rain never killed anyone right? So, of course I didn't go inside! Drenched, I got all the leaves, moved out my little plants I bought earlier this morning to soak up as much water as they would like and got my soaking self inside. HOWEVER! I did get something accomplished! I've been working on the front garden and have some update pics. (Please just take the size of the plants and times them by 3, maybe 4, they are tiny and make it look like I am kidding!). Here is a before and after picture of the front garden:

Crazy, hey? That's what I like about gardening. You can see where you have come and where you are going. You can see change happening. I still have 20 some more plants to plant and thousands (no, I'm not kidding) of weeds to pull. I just might cheat with the weeds though a bust out some round-up to hurry things along. I'm ready for some brightly colored flowers people!

On a completely different note (keep up with me here!), I drove my sister #3 to the airport this early morning. (There are 5 sisters and I am #1). It sucked. Just two weeks ago, I had to do the exact same thing as I drove sister #4 to the airport. A couple weeks before that I had to take my mum to the airport. All of them visited for about a week. All got to experience a newly cleaned, decorated and beautified pink guest bedroom upstairs. All got to experience life with us for a week. Now it's just me and the Hubs. Yes, the animals count too, but the conversation is a little hard. I don't like it when family leaves. It's like a small piece of me that feels whole only when we are together, is suddenly gone. I am looking forward to getting back into the routine of things, as we have had a steady stream of visitors for several weeks. But nothing, nothing, nothing NOTHING compares to having one of my four sisters, my mum or my dad around. They are all such special people. Oh boy, I'm getting all teary eyed. Time to move on...

Just in case you would like an update on how the animals are doing. They are WONDERFUL. By wonderful I mean sometimes I want to throw them at the wall, but their adorable little puppy and kitty eyes keep me from doing so. Only kidding. They are doing well, adjusting better and yet still really like to pick on each other. We did have one moment of peace, which was the cutest thing EVA!

It did not last long, as Remy probably attacked Ruba, dunking her head in the water bowl, soaking her soft fuzzy head only to tick her off, so she grabbed onto his big ol' head and the two started world war 3 in our kitchen once again. Maybe someday they'll get along. I'm tempted to let them duke it out, but considering Remy has doubled his meager weight of 17 pounds since he arrived in our humble abode, I don't think Ruba has good enough odds.

Enough bumbling on, I have laundry to catch up and hopefully (keep your fingers crossed for me!) I can go back outside soon and get cracking on the back garden. It looks like I actually planted weeds and have been encouraging them to grow with Miracle grow and classical music. Enough for now...
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