Monday, May 18, 2015

[ Meet Tieg ]

We have a new farm friend: Tieg (Teeg). She randomly showed up in our shed the other day, chillin' on one of the Hubs' hunting blinds. Her cute little ears perked up as soon as we drove in and she came down to greet us as if she'd been living here for years. She's super small, looked a little malnourished, but was the friendliest cat I think I have ever owned!

She and the dogs don't really get a long. Actually, that's an understatement... She looks at Remington and he starts shaking on the spot! She even attacks them if they get inside the radius that she's deemed "Her Safe Space." I kind of feel bad for the dogs, but I am hoping that eventually we will all come to a mutual understanding of being able to co-exist in the same space. For now, she chases then gets chased up a tree for a couple hours. She's may be little, but she is fierce and a great addition to the farm.

So that's our latest little addition, she's great!
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