Friday, August 8, 2014

[ 4 Months New! ]

Baby girl is 4 months old today! 

She is full of smiles, giggles and a strong desire to be on her independent even though that's pretty much impossible! She just wants to stand, tries so hard to roll over and has such a determination to grab each of her toys. 

I love spending my days with this little gal!

There are challenging moments and days- for sure! But days like today when she is all smiles, makes me remember why I do this. It helps me remember why I choose to spend my days with my little human... to teach, to show, to love, to nurture... and oh how I love it! These past couple weeks she has learned so much from grabbing toys, trying to roll, to learning that she can stand when we hold her up... It just amazes me how quickly she is learning and growing. God made babies to just be amazing and Miss Beckett is not falling short of that by any means!

Her favorite discovery? Her tongue. It's poking out at least 60% of her day!
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