Thursday, May 9, 2013

[ A Grampa Birthday ]

My two grandpa's are a day apart. They are both incredible men, rich with wisdom and history. They are solidly rooted in family and God. They are men who I know love me and I had the privilege of having them pour into my life growing up. They taught me how to love their wives, how to love their kids and how to love their grandkids. I learned how to shoot gophers, the importance of an ice cream cone and to always use kind words. So happy birthday to both of you! You are incredible men of God and family!

Meet Papa Al. He turned 80 yesterday.

Grama, Papa & Me

Meet Grampa Rex. He turns 80 today. 

Grampa & Grama Boda and Grandkids
Yes, I am in the photo above, along with all of my sisters, 
but for sake of not wanting my sisters to drive 18 hours to my home
 and personally give me a whooping for putting this photo up, all will go unnamed. 
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