Monday, April 2, 2012

Motors & Tree Tag

We had a great weekend pulling weeds, replanting lilacs where we actually want them, moving hostas around, raking up years worth of leaves and playing with the pups.

This crazy little pup loves tractors, trucks and chainsaws. He gets so excited when the big John Deere tractor comes out and just trots along behind it. He's finally learning to watch out when a truck is driving forward, which is so nice since I can now avoid minor heart attacks when he just stands there and watches the approaching vehicle. For a smart dog, he did NOT connect the dots there.

His other favorite thing other than things with a motor is to play chase around the trees.

First, he hides just so I can barely see 
him on the side of the tree.
 Once he can see me, 
he takes off...
Then, he'll switch directions,
squeeze past me and the whole game starts over.

It's so childish that's its fun.
He loves it and lets me know he wants to play 
by hiding on the other side of the tree. 
Goofy pup.

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