Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Good and Bad

The Good
  1. I finally got a good picture of our house with the beautiful oak tree that towers above it! 
  2. Winter is finally upon us. We got several inches of snow last night and I woke up to a beautiful white morning! It's a heavy, wet snow and the pine trees were drooping because of the weight. The world looked so different even though it was only 3 inches of snow. 
  3. I watched the Bachelor [guilty pleasure, feel free to judge me] last night with some girlfriends. Even when life is busy, I know that I have stuff to get done around home or I would love to stay home and snuggle with the puppy and possibly Husband- it is so good to be with other gals. It's just comforting to process verbally emotions, thoughts and talk about other girly things. 
  4. I ran out of coffee yesterday and decided to try something new: Starbucks Blonde Verona. It's incredible. I am not a huge fan of brewed Starbucks coffee, but my taste buds just might be in love!
  5. Remington has been so great lately! He just runs and runs outside then complete crashes when he gets inside. I took him for a 6 mile walk on Sunday and he still had energy when we got home! 

Remy eventually crashes though. 
Yesterday, the Hubs was working in the shop and 
he heard Remy rustling around and found him like this on a pile of wood: 

Yup, cutest award to to Remington in the small Rubbermaid tote. 

The Bad
  1. The Hubs had to work all night due to the snow so I only had cute little Aruba in our huge comfy bed last night. Yay for work, but bummed it couldn't snow during the day!
  2. Since it snowed last night while I was out with my girlfriends, I had to drive home in slushy, slippery snow. I might not be the best driver in snow and to compensate for that, I drive slow. Like, on a freeway where the speed is usually 55 or 60 miles and hour, I drove 40. Yes, I AM THAT PERSON! But I made it home, safe and sound... an hour later. 
  3. With school & snow plowing, it doesn't look like I am going to the Hubs a whole lot this week.

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