Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Arrived!

This beautiful lonely flower is blooming in one of my gardens below my large dining room window. It's only 2 inches tall, but the promise that this tiny flower brings is so encouraging. Spring is around the corner. Last weekend, hundreds of robins arrived in full force as we heard them singing from treetops and the fields. This week as we have had 50+ degree weather, small green hopefuls are springing up throughout my gardens. Yes, some of them may be weeds, but at this point I will take anything that is not dead and brown or cold and snowy. I cannot wait for the trees to burst with lush, light green leaves, our grass to green up and the temperature to keep climbing above the 60's. I've already busted out my flip-flops and a couple sundresses just to keep my enthusiasm going until it's actually warm enough to wear them and not have goosebumps all morning till the sun warms everything. I am determined and so is my little flower. Come on spring!
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