Thursday, August 27, 2015

[ A Day in the Life ]

A day in life on the farm always includes wearing camo crocks, because they are the only shoes she will choose to put on. All other shoes result in tears and a meltdown. As a mama, I'm learning to choose my battles. Camo shoes? Not worth the battle. Wearing clothes? Worth it. You win some, you lose some. 

A day in life includes testing boundaries (you know, like playing on rusty farm equipment!) and always saying hello to her favorite dog, Remington. Abby is as gentle as Remington, so Beckett likes to give Remy kisses and hugs whenever he will sit still long enough to let her. 

A day in the life includes exploring around the farm, running to every new spot to check out and going full speed whenever possible. Its been stretching nap times to 2.5+ hours because she just wears herself out completely and this mama is loving it! 

A day in life also has to include time with Daddy, which often involves tractors, lawnmowers or wagon rides. It's been awesome seeing these two together as they both love seeing how things work and run. She loves hanging with her daddy!

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