Thursday, May 22, 2014

[ 6 Weeks & No Redos ]

Baby Girl was 6 weeks on Tuesday.

6 weeks.

In 6 weeks, I've been puked on, pooped on, fallen asleep sitting up, cried out of frustration, cried out of sheer sleepiness and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

I love that Baby Girl is smiling when her daddy and I talk to her, or when I get her out of her crib in the morning, or when she's a little milk-drunk. I love that her eyes are an incredible blue, that changed over from her grey color. I love picking out her little clothes. I love watching her and her daddy spend time on the floor, enjoying and getting to know each other. I love the funny little noises she makes when you put in her soother (pacifier).

Still, I'd redo the nights when she slept for 2 hours at a time or cried for 3 hours straight (although, I really like it when she doesn't do that!). I'd redo those not-so-fun times just because I learned what she needed, how she ticks and got to spend time with her, getting to know all of the little things she does.

In 6 weeks, I've learned that she likes to look at contrasting colors, loves being outside and usually falls asleep if you go for a walk outdoors. When she's been screaming for twenty minutes or so, Jay or I switch whoever is holding her and walah! she almost always calms down.

Baby Girl is an amazing little girl. I figured I'd like being a mum. I absolutely love it. There's no other place I'd rather be!
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