Wednesday, December 4, 2013

[ Our First Snow ]

It snowed... 
Like snowflakes-dumping-from-the-heavens-for-hours snowed! 

This school bus almost didn't make it up from the hill coming home from work today. It slipped and slid all the way up the hill. Thank the Lord for my 4 wheel drive truck that my wonderful husband insisted I drive today! A normal 15 minute drive took a solid 30-40 minutes, but the view was breathtaking! Everything was wearing a fresh blanket of snow, include the trees.

I love all the seasons, but the first snowfall makes everything look fresh and decorated for the Christmas season. Now my inside decorations match the outside decorations! This weekend we are supposed to have an "arctic chill" set in with highs in the teeny teens and that doesn't even include the windchill. I'm ready to hunker down and enjoy some Eggnog Chai (try it! you can't judge until you do!) and listen to some Charlie Brown Christmas music.

Remington's favorite part of this time of year is the time he gets to go snow plowing with the Hubs. Tonight was the first night we hooked up the plow to the truck and Remy was beside himself with excitement. When the Hubs opened the door and ask Remy to go, Remy jumped up like he was boss and into his co-pilot spot. Halfway through, the Hubs got a fire call and the poor dog had to come inside with me. I came into the living to find him sitting like this on the couch, where he has a good view out the dining room window as he was waiting for his plow truck to come back.

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