Monday, September 23, 2013

[ Exciting Update! ]

We announced some exciting news in Friday to the world that the Hubs and I are going to have a little peanut joining our world in April. We are so excited! 

This week, she is the size of a fig. 

Yes, I said she. No, that doesn't mean it's a girl. I just can't handle the idea of calling a baby, "It."  So for now, since I was raised in a house of all girls and we don't really know a lot about boys, I am going to be using "she" until the time comes for that to change. 

The past couple months have been fun with a little bits of sickness mixed in. The most common question I've been asked so far, "How are you feeling" with a nice side tilt of head. To answer that quite plainly, not so hot. Some days are awesome, especially when it's cooler outside. But there have been some rougher days. I'm looking forward the weeks ahead of hopefully feeling better. 

So far, my favorite part has been sharing our news with others. We have loved having others join us on this journey through prayers and support when the days are a bit rough. It's been great! I loved telling my sisters and hearing them scream and cry! I loved hearing my mum use the term, "Grama" for the first time! 

It's a lot of firsts right now and we are trying to soak it all in and loving every second so far!
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