Friday, July 19, 2013

[ Camping, Cruising & Marshmallows ]

We love camping. Being outdoors, exploring new campgrounds, smelling like campfire smoke and eating way too many marshmallows for the normal human being... We love it all. Last year we acquired a pop-up camper from the in-laws which I was skeptical about at first. I thought anything outside a tent "wasn't really camping."  I know some people still hold fast to this view, but after sleeping through torrential downpours and being able to organise all our kitchen gear and bedding and everything camping, I'm in love. I love our little trailer. 

This weekend we are camping in a new place. It's a place like I've never experienced. Kids run in packs, on bikes and scooters. Grown men cruise up and down the well worn paths, blue beverage cans in hand and loads more of children on board. It seems to be some kind of established little summer camping town and we've decided to crash the party this weekend. Being an outsider, I got stared at by some "regulars" cruised by in their golf cart. No wave, just a stare. This camp neighbourhood is great, totally a different camping experience! 

So here's to camping, cruising in golf carts and marshmallows! 
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