Saturday, April 20, 2013

[ My Half Full Glass ]

I'm typically your "glass is always half empty" type of gal. It must come naturally or something because there's not a lot of effort put forth on my part, yet that's just how it seems to be. One of my dear brother in-laws has a number of different sayings, all of which revolve around the idea of the glass always been half full. Bless his dear heart, but when we come to Friday and I'm totally stoked for the weekend, and his response is, "There's only 2 days left until we GET to go back to work!" I swear we are not related. Not even by marriage. Yet, recently something has started to shift. Something in my world is changing. I see potential. I see joy. I see happiness. I see half full glasses. I'm beginning to see the world like my brother in law sees it. And it's beautiful.

A great example would be the 7 inches of snow that was dumped on us this last Thursday and Friday. Yes, that would be a mid-April snow storm that once again sent us into a winter wonderland. Facebook was filled with complaints of wishing spring would just come already and everyone wanting be anywhere but in Minnesota. What about me? I totally loved it. I embraced it. I watched in awe as three foot drifts slowly filled in our driveway and another drift that was taller than me formed by the barn. The storm was magnificent and beautiful. I know that spring will come. I know that soon I will be wishing for colder weather when the humidity is pushing 100% and the temperatures won't drop below 60 at night. This snow storm was one last time to embrace and enjoy winter before another season moves in.

I don't know what this new outlook is doing to me, but I have found myself encouraging others to embrace this season.  I've found myself thinking the best of people. I've found myself seeing joy even in circumstances that seem dark. Maybe it has something to do with The Journey that the Hubs and I have been on. It's been a long few years as we've been this journey, with a lot of ups and downs as we've searched for our place in the world. As we've searched for his place in the world, I can see the growth in my husband. I can see the man he's been shaped into and is being shaped into. His experiences, education, and character have enabled him to grow immensely through our hard times of jobs, schooling, different jobs and all the other curve balls that we've have had thrown our way.

I can see the growth in him, but until recently I must have thought I'd escape unchanged. I'm beginning to realize that I could not have been more wrong. Something is changing and my glass is half full....
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