Monday, October 29, 2012

[ Its The Most Wonderful Time ]

There's something refreshing and exciting about the changing of seasons. I'm the type of person that is always looking forward to the next thing, I struggle to live in present, which is a whole different can of worms. HOWEVER, the changing of the seasons is something that I love. Especially fall, considering it is so short and leads into the 2 best holidays of the entire year: My Birthday & Christmas. Yes, both of them are holidays.

I've already begun preparing for the wonderful seasons with our Christmas lights hung, DIY Christmas projects started and of course, I've been baking! 

I love this changing of seasons, with the bare trees and chilly air. Even though I'm cold probably 78% of the time, I love it. Boots, scarves, thick socks and warm jackets are so much better than flip flops. It's no wonder I love living in the wonderful state of Minnesota!!!
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